Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adib : Now and Then

I was browsing through my photo archives and found this one. One of my favourites!!! Adib was 2 months here.

AND to think that I took it some3 yrs back! How time flies!

MY what i want for this YEAR

my own [ home sweet home ]

my own car

Amin InsyaAllah.

My dream my wishes...i know some people just laughing ..some other said...'ini jer yang ko nak?'
But for me..its so ..i really can say that...but i really wish to have those kind of THINGs!!

PS : tp umah yang aku nak tu tak der secantik tu...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Other People Are Better

When we look at ourselves and others, do we have a tendency to see more of our own strengths and more of other people’s weaknesses?

There are people who tend to only utter criticism, but never encouraging words. And it is usually because such people find no room in their heart to accept, see and hear about other people’s strengths.

If there are people who are better than me, how should I react? We should ‘accept’ that fact, AND be thankful for it.

When we have a big heart that is big enough to accept other people’s strengths and victories, we will be a happier person.

Let us strive to have a heart and mind that can accept other people’s strengths, enjoy other people’s victories and verbally acknowledge other people’s talents and gifts.

ps : i learn from my mistakes!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Slightly Shock!!!

i just heard a bad news from my SIL..her mom suffering a Colon Cancer!!!

i really missed her, she's very hard,strong and i love talking with her, she's always gave us so many tips and advices. Really miss her cooks..memang sedap..
tapi that day dia datang KL...she's really losing her weight!!kurus sangat!!! Still remember masa my SIL pindah umah dia just duduk jer..tak larat ..mmg nampak tak larat. Masa tu pelik sangat sbb mak my SIL ni mmg cepat wat keje..laju jer...tapi that nite she jus sitting around the corner, tgk jer kiteorang wat keje.
So my SIL bawak gi hospital semua..and i dapat tau yang her mom kene barah stage 4. Really sad. Even my SIL very tough gul..*mmg dia susah nak nangis - hati kering!!

Hopefully everything goes well..we still hoping for MIRACLE. Amin InsyaAllah.

Zura doa kan makcik sihat..

What are the causes of colon cancer?

Doctors are certain that colorectal cancer is not contagious (a person cannot catch the disease from a cancer patient). Some people are more likely to develop colorectal cancer than others. Factors that increase a person's risk of colorectal cancer include high fat intake, a family history of colorectal cancer and polyps, the presence of polyps in the large intestine, and chronic ulcerative colitis.


Hari masak sesimple je..balik opis anta my hubby gi amik kete dia (* anto cat)..
balik umah masak secepat mungkin menu yang memang pemalas tak hingat nye for dinner malam ni..: Sotong sambal and ikan goreng jer...hehehe


Hari ni balik lambat...balik kerje pun dah pukul i must be thankful sbb bile banyak kerje means we still have work.right? Then, we headed to s.alam tgk umah..was the second houses kiteorang gi tgk...first dah nak jadik beli last the owner tak nak jual pulak...malam ni pulak lain macam sikit..owner nak jual umah tapi dont know the procedure and exepected that rumah tu leh jual within 2 or 3 weeks..gilo ker hapa...!!! Ingat beli umah macam beli baju...?

Well, sampai to our home...(yang bersepah)hehe..Adib showed me a note from his teacher..."Adib will have an Exammmm this coming Mei..dah siap ader time table.hehehhe...(*hope Adib blh jawab exam :) )

Ermm..what kind of life have our children been living?

Life where difficulties, struggles and discomforts


This weekend tak sempat nak buat some activity for Adib..i was planning to make 'Jellyfish'..tapi tak sempat..:(((

Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Attitude

I just balik from Tesco, beli groceries and ikan and udang utk masak hari ni.

But the thing yang nak share is an attitude. Masa tunggu my hubby, i just tgk dari jauh la
perangai mak and her doter..(OMG!!!)..maybe anak dia nak terkencing sangat dah and her mak pulak malas agaknya nak gi toilet (* ye la nak kene masuk balik ) dia just suruh nak dia buang kat betul2 depan pintu masuk...(euuuww)..

Bukan nak sebok tapi don't u think that bile kite as a mom yang ajar anak macam tu so the kid akan fikir yang bende betul..!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where do baby come from?

So today, after cleaned up sikit.basuh kain and Adib watching Tv..its about a new born i just looked at his face..muke berkerut cam pelik agak nya..then he asked me an 'eternal q'..
"mummy..macam mana baby ni ader?"..Adib..macam mana Adib ade?...then i was so shocked and impressed..(*dalam hati- Adib ni dah besar)..
Then mummy jawab * "You came from Mummy's tummy."

I just remembered one of my fren told me that her little niece tanya the same q,..kid yang tengah growing up ni semua sama kot.

I'm a new..

Actually i created this blog sbb tgk a lot of my frens using this to share their moment,love,happiness,sadness,making business,making fussiness..hehe..and i was thinking..there's a lot of thing to keep in my mind..all about kerenah Adib..and i realized yang my little big kid..dah besar and a lot of things dia dah buat yang make me so impressed!!

So this blog actually comes to be my diary la to keep all about Adib. ..and me!!


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