Saturday, October 31, 2009

new one in the house

We bought this mid bulan puasa...before this Adib just using his baby cot..
tapi sbb kaki dia dah we decided to buy a expand katil yang kat IKEA.

Tapi Adib berkenan yang ni pulak..bukan sbb aper ..coz of the car shape. Before we recce kat Harvey Norman..mmg mahal la .. the same thing -- and it costs about rm 1.5k without mat.
Nasib baik la mummy di sabarkan oleh papa Adib-- kalau tak melayang la duit ku aroud rm2k--*smile*

So yang ni me and hubby ternampak kedai kat tepi jalan just only rm 700 plus mat-- mmg berbaloi-baloi..

Kuantan - Small Vacay

Last week we went off to Kuantan...

So much fun..and Adib had a great time.


I just changed to PINK..

The Climb

What We Do - Learn It

Whether we like it not, as parents, we represent honesty and truth for our children.

What we do will be copied by them.

When we face difficulties and choose to not deal with the problem but find easy ’shortcuts’ as a way out instead, then our kids who observe it all will learn and think that THAT is the way they should solve their problems as well.

As parents raise their children, these little ones see the way their parents live and carry out their lives. The way they express their anger and joy. The way they handle problems within the family and with the outside world.

Children learn from what we do, not really that much from what we say.

We are (unconsciously) the example for our children.

So yes, it’s not easy being a parent.

But. Let us all continually learn to live our life in ways that can be a blessing to our little ones, and those around.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New ..Tefal

Rasa nye orang lain dah lama guna..tapi saya baru mampu..itu pun tak complete one set lagi..
Well rasa nya semua orang tau this brand..Tefal..Ideas You Can't live without..
Saya dah lama sangat nak beli set ni since dari awal kawin..tapi sbb mahal (for me )..its about rm200 for pan. .mahal la kan..with the gaji yang tak seberapa..

Tapi mmg best..

Other Features:
Safe for use with metal utensils.
Total non-stick exterior for easy cleaning.
Charcoal Grey exterior.
Bakelite ergonomic handles with metallic insert.
Glass lid stainless steel edge
Base guaranteed fully anti-warp.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super Duper Busy dah lama sangat rasanya tak bersosial kat blog nih..or kat facebook..hehe..well..super duper busy sbb banyak sngt nak kene buat..with my new part time job..yang mmg interesting plus banyak bende nak kene belajar, plus with the class yang byk nak kene attend, n me ..sendiri pun tak der masa with Adib..tapi nak kaya n senang kene banyak berkorban ..betul tak...? *smile*

And at this time my hubby still at office yang suppose we have to go to Pantai Ampang Medical sbb nak visit my bos wife..she's under bad condition with 'CANCER'.
Nak stry about her..i think she's really strong..hope u will be stronger and stronger.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sit 'N' Play

Last week papa promised to buy Adib a 'adiah'.
Sbb dah lama tak beli kan dia something.
Selalu nye memang saya akan belikan Hor Wheel car tp rasa nye tu tak boleh
dipanggil 'adiah' sbb every time pergi Jusco we will buy a small car tu that cost rm6.90..(depends on the size and theme)

So, since Adib loves coloring and drawing (even the 'picture' yang dia doodle tu kite pun tak paham) but i like support what he liked. And the gift is "Sit n Play Activity Set" which Adib get a crayon and scissor and a activity book for coloring and drawing owh !! plus a few stickers from Disney Pixar Characters.

Actually, ada lagi satu set (mcm ni jugak - activity like coloring, drawing tapi Bob Tha Builder punyer.) i'll post later.


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