Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flaws And All

Flaws And All

I'm a train wreck in the morning
I'm a bitch in the afternoon
Every now and then without warning
I can be really mean towards you

I'm a puzzle yes indeed
Ever complex in every way
And all the pieces aren't even in the box
And yet you see the picture clear as day

I don't know why you love me
And that's why I love you
You catch me when I fall
Accept me, flaws and all
And that's why I love you
And that's why I love you
And that's why I love

I neglect you when I'm working
When I need attention I tend to nag
I'm a host of imperfection
And you see past all that

I'm a peasant by some standards
But in your eyes I'm a queen
You see potential in all my flaws
And that's exactly what I mean

I don't know why you love me
And that's why I love you
You catch me when I fall
Accept me, flaws and all
And that's why I love you
And that's why I love you
And that's why I love you

Don't know why you love me
And that's why I love you
Catch me when I fall
Accept me flaws and all
And that's why I love you
And that's why I love you
And that's why I love you
You, you, you

How to Raise Well-Behaved Kids

t is easy to think that kids are born for just one reason – to torment their parents – especially when they start screaming and kicking over something as petty as brushing their teeth or drinking their milk. It seems like all they want to do is to make their parents miserable by behaving badly. But the truth is, your little ones are very eager to please you – it’s just not so obvious most of the time. The best way to bring out that “angelic-ness” in your kids is to bring about some radical change in the way you relate with them.

Focus on them as a whole person not just as the doer of the wrong actions. When your kids misbehave, don’t dwell on the bad things. After confronting them about the wrong things that they have done, immediately think of ways on how inappropriate behaviour can be prevented. Ask for their suggestions and tell them that they have your support. Also, try to find ways on how you can improve your relationship with them. Use your energy for thinking positive thoughts about your children and spending bonding moments with them.

Give them room to grow. Training your child to practice appropriate behaviour can be more tasking than doing things for them. But if you want them to grow, then you have to learn to let go of the reins a bit – just a bit – and allow them to make their own choices. Your kids are not robots which means that they have the capacity to make decisions for themselves.

Just remember that the freedom that you give them should be appropriate for their age. For example, when they’re still young, you cannot ask them to decide on whether they want to attend school or not because they’ll definitely say “no”. But you can let them choose the colour of the clothes that they want to wear or the spread that they want to put on their sandwich. The things that you ask them to decide on may seem very simple and unimportant but doing this can help them grasp the significance of making choices. This will help them understand that choices always come with either rewards or consequences allowing them to be more careful when making decisions.

Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t reverse the process as some parents do. Keep a tight rein on your kids when they’re younger but slowly release the controls as they grow older, not the other way around.

Remember that they have feelings just like you. Busy parents can sometimes be very selfish as they expect everyone, especially their kids, to adjust to their schedule as well as their moods. You have to admit that when you’re in a rush, you want everyone jump at your commands and do everything you say. But it’s important to see things from your children’s perspective. For example, when you wake up your child in the morning, he or she may still be very sleepy causing him or her to delay.

When you look into how your children feel about your expectations, you understand where they’re coming from when they don’t react the way you expect them to. Instead of snapping or shouting at them, acknowledge their feelings and explain why you want them to do a certain thing. Make things easy by giving them choices.

Promote cooperation not resistance. A mother tells her kids to do something but instead of obeying her right away, they grumble and say “no”. They kick, scream, cry and roll over the floor. Because this mother can’t accept this kind of behaviour, she finds herself competing with her kids. She shouts at them and drags them to make sure that they understand that she’s the boss. Is this scene familiar? Every home must’ve had its own fair share of drama.

Going on a power struggle is not a good way to handle misbehaviour. It only causes parents to become angry and kids to become rebellious. Because it’s a struggle, nobody wants to give in. Kids want to win over their parents while moms and dads want to show their kids that they’re in control.

The key is to develop self-control. Although it’s very tempting to vent out your frustration, remember that your children will emulate everything that they see you do. So if you let go of your composure, they will immediately think that it’s alright for them to go out of control as well.

Allow them to talk about what they think of your rules and expectations but try not to be judgmental. Just help them to put some words into what they’re feeling then tell them the reason why you want them to do these things. Make it clear to them that they have your support. Help them understand that you are on their side, not against them.

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Don’t expect your kids to remember all the rules in your home. Constantly remind them about how you want them to behave. But the key here is consistency within the whole family. For example, if mom says “no eating in front of the television” but dad says “it’s okay”, then kids will be confused and will end up eating wherever they want. This can cause a lot of frustration on the part of the parents and kids. So it’s important that the adults in a family agree on all the rules to provide consistency.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Last nite we had a dinner as we called no-so-called birthday celebration for my not-so-lil BIL and SIL. Actually we just to have a dinner jer and sekalikan lah sbb birthday dorang (same date - 2301) di hari cuti kan.

So we decided to have a dinner at Johnny's restaurant sbb myself and hubby plus my SIL and BIL suke makan steamboat...

Lps maghrib we headed to AU2 (jusco AU2), mmg tersangat ramai la orang and luckly kite org tak tunggu lama tapi 10mnt jugak la.

So biasa la jumpa eventho selalu jumpa ader jer nak di update...chitchat..gossiping..hehhe
After eating yang mmg banyak sampai semuanya mengah..we lepak kat air pancut tu sbb adib suke sangat golek golek kat situ..*smile*

of us

Saturday, January 23, 2010


True joy comes from within. It doesn’t depend on what’s going on the outside.

True joy is like a flower that continually produces a really nice fragrance. Fragrance needs not be poured onto a flower for the flower to release that nice and fresh smell, because fragrance comes from within.

One who is full of joy is not necessarily a wealthy person. And, one who is wealthy is not necessarily full of joy.

One who is full of joy does not necessarily have a problem-free life. And, one whose life is always smooth-sailing does not necessarily have joy in his life.

If you’re wealthy but you know you have a sinful heart, you’d enjoy your wealth while feeling guilty. You may enjoy your smooth-sailing life, but you’d be reminded of the sins you’ve committed by that little voice in your heart and mind.

Many often relate joy to the amount of money they have in their bank and to the amount of physical wealth they own.

Let us start ‘counting’ our assets’ NOT from a materialistic point of view, but from the amount of TIME we have in our hands and the opportunities that are presented in front of us.

PS: from The Sun

Friday, January 22, 2010


Doa untuk temuduga ini diperolehi dari Dr Hj Fadzilah Kamsah menerusi rancangan 'Bersama Dato'' di siaran Astro Oasis 106.

Sebelum masuk bilik temuduga, baca:

1) Fatihah
2) Ayat Kursi
3) Ayat 1000 Dinar
4) Zikir 'Ya Aziz, Ya Jabbar, Ya Mutakabbir'

Tawakal. InsyaAllah, jika pekerjaan itu rezeki kamu, kamu pasti dapat. Jika bukan rezeki kamu, Allah lebih tahu apa yang terbaik untukmu...

i changed

Myself changed my title's blog from LIFE AND LOVE to Parcel OF LIfe

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wrong Made Right

Everyone makes mistakes - we adults know that for sure but not all children do. When a child makes a mistakes or worse still, faces failure, we need to guide them through the experience in order for them to come out of it positively.

A child's experience with the mistake or failure could lower his self esteem. The last thing you should do is react with disappointment, anger or impatient. Be calm when they make mistakes yourself especially in their presence.

Teach them to have a more relaxed attitude and show them we can laugh at ourselves when we make mistakes.

Find opportunities in day-to-day activities to encourage them to view mistakes as opportunities to learn something new. Use creativity to turn the mistake into acceptable outcomes if the situation allows it.
If your child has failed at something major, such as at exam, help him to cope with his feelings of low self esteem, disappointment and sadness by showing him your unconditional love.

Share stories of your own past failures and successes to show him the failure and success are part and parcel of life.Tell him what you had learnt from the experience and what u did to overcome challenges and achieved success.

When something goes wrong and your child is responsible for it, avoid putting the blame on him.

Finally be sure of what your definition of success is. Does it mean being the best in everything they do? While we all have dreams of our children being the best in everything they do, we have to be realistic of their abilities and talents.

Actually they do not have to be the best in everything, they just have to try their best.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mummy's day out

today is the 2 mummies day out!

i've got a date with novee jahari at around 2pm. my other half drove me to klcc and left us alone! :) we had a bunch of talking and talking and happily telling stories and gossiping about our life. thanks dearie, for the storiee telling and sharing! ~

myself and novee

and our fav apartment's dessert!

ps : adapt from (novee jahari)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

m.y l.o.v.e

Still remember this song...?

An empty street, an empty house
A hole inside my heart
I'm all alone, the rooms are getting smaller.
I wonder how, I wonder why, I wonder where they are
The days we had, the songs we sang together.(oh yeah)

And all my love, I'm holding on forever
Reaching for the love that seems so far

So I say a little prayer
And hope my dreams will take me there
Where the skies are blue, to see you once again... my love.
All the seas from coast to coast
To find the place I Love The Most
Where the fields are green, to see you once again... my love.

I try to read, I go to work
I'm laughing with my friends
But I can't stop to keep myself from thinking. (oh no)
I wonder how, I wonder why, I wonder where they are
The days we had, the songs we sang together.(oh yeah)

And all my love, I'm holding on forever
Reaching for the love that seems so far

So I say a little prayer
And hope my dreams will take me there
Where the skies are blue, to see you once again... my love.
All the seas from coast to coast
To find the place I Love The Most
Where the fields are green, to see you once again...

To hold you in my arms
To promise you my love
To tell you from the heart
You're all I'm thinking of

Reaching for the love that seems so far

So I say a little prayer
And hope my dreams will take its there
Where the skies are blue, to see you once again... my love.
All the seas from coast to coast
To find the place I Love The Most
Where the fields are green, to see you once again... my love.

Say it in a prayer (my sweet love)
Dreams will take it there
Where the skies are blue (whoa yeah), to see you once again my love. (oh my love)
All the seas from coast to coast
To find the place I Love The Most
Where the fields are green, to see you once again.... My Love.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S (dont happy)

Smlm saya berchatting with my fren. Dari saya berkawan sejak 5 tahun lepas..saya tidak pernah bertanyakan tentang kebahagian, kesusahan, kesedihannye..apa yang dikongsi..handbag, kasut, baju..etc.. So sad when we lost someone that we really loved..mak and ayah.. Actually apa yang diceritakan yang membuatkan saya sedih adalah..kehidupan selepas ketiadaan ayah dan ibunya...Alhamdulillah she's very strong... Tapi saya masih ingat ..satu movie..Pursuit Of Happyness...mmg happyness..bukan happiness..kepada yang tak pernah tengok movie nih..blh la tengok sbb berkisahkan - cara kita mencari kebahagiaan untuk diri kita..

Bahagia- ada org rasa bahagia (happy) bila dia dapat memiliki rumah yang besar atau banyak kereta mewah, dlm erti kata lain..banyak duit/ pitih.Boleh beli apa je yang diinginkan/ dihajati.

Bahagia - ada orang happy bila
mendapat kejayaan sama ada study or career.

Bahagia - ada orang happy bila dia bersama orang yang disayangi..

dan saya...******

Saya akan merasa bahagia bila orang yang saya sayang bahagia...happy...

Top 10 Secrets to Being Happy

1. Decide to be a happy person.
Most people, most of the time, can choose how stressed or happy, how troubled or relaxed they want to be. Choose to be happy.

2. Watch and Read less news.
As a recovering news addict, I know this can be difficult because the stock market fluctuates, politicians politic, and sports teams compete. But, most of the time, you don't need the stress. So, just don't watch. I think it was Henry Thoreau who noted that if you've ever read about a train wreck, you understand the principle and don't need to know any more about it.

3. Practice the Attitude of Gratitude.
We all have so much to be grateful for. Just thanking the many people who assist us, encourage us, teach us and open doors for us could take all day!

4. Take Time.
being loyalty, about noticing the sights, sounds, and smells in the yard, about being relaxed and about play. Eat when you're hungry, nap when you need it. Get your ears scratched whenever possible!

5. Laugh everyday. Hear a joke, tell a joke, laugh at yourself, laugh with your friends and family and co-workers. There are very few medicines as powerful as laughter, and I don't think you can over-dose, although it is addicting!

6. Love well.
Express your affection, appreciation, friendship and warmth to those around you, and they will almost always respond in the most amazing ways! Be generous--it pays great dividends!

7. Work hard.
This one comes as a bit of a surprise, but there is tremendous satisfaction in being competent, and joy in completing our assigned tasks. One of the great sources of happiness is to do work that is worthy of you, and to do it well.

8. Learn something new, everyday.
To be happy, most of us must also be growing, expanding, learning and challenging ourselves. Read, listen, adapt and stretch to accommodate new ideas and new information.

9. Use your body as it was designed.
Walk and run, stretch, throw things, and lift things. Dance! Exercise is good, but so is making love, mixing up a batch of cookies, or exchanging backrubs. You have a body and it can be either a source of joy, or a source of aches and pains. Your choice.

10. Avoid toxins.
I prefer writing positives (things to do) rather than negatives (things to fear), but reality says there are negative people and there are bad chemicals, stressful noises, and unsafe places. Don't go there! Avoid poisons whenever possible. It seems to work out better that way.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Day Joy and Blues

.. as thousand start his schooling...

Well, saya still lagi bercuti, menghabiskan cuti tahun lepas yang tinggal sehari.
So hari ni, saya decided menyiapkan resume saya.

So this entry actually about my son's enthusiastic about starting school

He was so excited when we went out to shop for his school necessities during the holiday season but today, he just broke down when we reached his school and refused to enter his classroom, differ from last year, when he was really in good behave.

It took almost an hour to make him calm down. He clung tightly to my hubby instead.

Then everything went well when i saw him start talking and showed off his new stuff to his friends. What a kid....*smile*

Monday, January 4, 2010

something wrong..

I do really not know why, my heart felt something uncomfortable since last week. dup dap dup dap...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cathing Avatar The Movie

So have YOU watched Avatar?

Act i watched Avatar a few weeks ago (17 December) and really wanted to watch again.

Before I went to see it, I’ve already heard so much about how GOOD the movie is. How all other movies are ‘nothing’ compared to THIS movie.

We’ve even gotten an Avatar toy from McDonald’s!

The movie poster just didn’t interest me at all. I didn’t quite like the look of these ‘blue people’. The trailer didn’t manage to get me all excited about it. And, I thought the Avatar toy looks weird.

It’s visually stunning!! The kind of movie I personally don’t mind watching again and again!

So beautiful movie.

Friday, January 1, 2010

a day in Jan

And the day ....


* breakfast
* Have a nap - headache


* Survey kereta - second hand car
*Went off to The Curve - shopping, eating


* at home - konsert bagaikan sakti

That how it's done.


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