Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Day Joy and Blues

.. as thousand start his schooling...

Well, saya still lagi bercuti, menghabiskan cuti tahun lepas yang tinggal sehari.
So hari ni, saya decided menyiapkan resume saya.

So this entry actually about my son's enthusiastic about starting school

He was so excited when we went out to shop for his school necessities during the holiday season but today, he just broke down when we reached his school and refused to enter his classroom, differ from last year, when he was really in good behave.

It took almost an hour to make him calm down. He clung tightly to my hubby instead.

Then everything went well when i saw him start talking and showed off his new stuff to his friends. What a kid....*smile*


n.o.v.e.e jahari said...


hope everything goes well for him for the whole year! :P

aunty bb wish u all the best adib! :)

z.u.r.a^z.u.b.i.r said...

tq aunty...:)


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