Saturday, January 23, 2010


True joy comes from within. It doesn’t depend on what’s going on the outside.

True joy is like a flower that continually produces a really nice fragrance. Fragrance needs not be poured onto a flower for the flower to release that nice and fresh smell, because fragrance comes from within.

One who is full of joy is not necessarily a wealthy person. And, one who is wealthy is not necessarily full of joy.

One who is full of joy does not necessarily have a problem-free life. And, one whose life is always smooth-sailing does not necessarily have joy in his life.

If you’re wealthy but you know you have a sinful heart, you’d enjoy your wealth while feeling guilty. You may enjoy your smooth-sailing life, but you’d be reminded of the sins you’ve committed by that little voice in your heart and mind.

Many often relate joy to the amount of money they have in their bank and to the amount of physical wealth they own.

Let us start ‘counting’ our assets’ NOT from a materialistic point of view, but from the amount of TIME we have in our hands and the opportunities that are presented in front of us.

PS: from The Sun

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