Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wrong Made Right

Everyone makes mistakes - we adults know that for sure but not all children do. When a child makes a mistakes or worse still, faces failure, we need to guide them through the experience in order for them to come out of it positively.

A child's experience with the mistake or failure could lower his self esteem. The last thing you should do is react with disappointment, anger or impatient. Be calm when they make mistakes yourself especially in their presence.

Teach them to have a more relaxed attitude and show them we can laugh at ourselves when we make mistakes.

Find opportunities in day-to-day activities to encourage them to view mistakes as opportunities to learn something new. Use creativity to turn the mistake into acceptable outcomes if the situation allows it.
If your child has failed at something major, such as at exam, help him to cope with his feelings of low self esteem, disappointment and sadness by showing him your unconditional love.

Share stories of your own past failures and successes to show him the failure and success are part and parcel of life.Tell him what you had learnt from the experience and what u did to overcome challenges and achieved success.

When something goes wrong and your child is responsible for it, avoid putting the blame on him.

Finally be sure of what your definition of success is. Does it mean being the best in everything they do? While we all have dreams of our children being the best in everything they do, we have to be realistic of their abilities and talents.

Actually they do not have to be the best in everything, they just have to try their best.

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