Thursday, March 31, 2011

we called memory

well...just wanna share my borak borak during lunch time. It was so funny things and make me smile all day when one of our friends recalled the memories when we all using the 'kamera guna filem' do you guys remember. It such a lovely memory la sebenarnya..asalnya cerita pasal DSLR or any compact camera...terus la masuk bab bab kamera filem ni...myself tergelak besar bila ingat balik..i still remember when i was collecting money untuk cuci gambar. Tapi before tu semua akan pilih gambar sambil angkat 'negetif filem' tu.. ye la sbb gelap kan so kena la angkat pastu nnt kita akan tanda gambar mana kita nak..then nanti akan keluar la 'aku nak 13a' ingat tak? nnt semua akan tanda la mana yang nak...part yang paling best bila pilih gambar mana yang nak di 8a kot..saya pun lupa..tapi mesti dapat free satu gambar besar kan...? adoi hai...kelakar..but how time flew awayyyy...leaving us.

our six anniversary

i supposed to update my anniversary story almost 1 month back..tapi i have not enough time to update my blog. but alhamdulillah...we have been together for 6years on 11032011!! yes its tough, rough, ups and downs, big and small, smile and cries, happy and sad, tears and joys, and all everythings we have been through together . one year back there are so many tears so many hard time to face. but alhamdulillah... thank you Allah...we faced it. being husband and wife,being parent is not easy for us. but we tried to manage our life with Adib beautifully and colorful. :-)
sharing life,sharing our favvy together is really enough for with me to watch AFC channel, picking up my cloth, watch football together, MUFC, bbm-ing, having breakfast before to work, talking about the paper we read, watching dvds,and so many things.
and just wanna say..
I do love you so much...thank you for being with me when everyone was leaving...:-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ya Allah limpahkanlah rahmat atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad SAW; sebanyak aneka rupa rezeki. Wahai Zat Yang Maha Meluaskan rezeki kepada orang yang dikehendakiNya tanpa hisab. Luaskan dan banyakanlah rezekiku dari segenap setiap penjuru dan perbendaharaan rezekiMu tanpa pemberian dari makhluk, berkat kemurahanMu jua. Dan limpahkanlah pula rahmat dan salam atas nabi dan para sahabat beliau. " amin

Sunday, March 20, 2011

my adib for standard 1

now i am filling up for my still little Adib to be at school next year. He will be in standard 1 and for nowdays the application will be submitted via online and it will open only on March to April.
How times flew. i almost shed a tear while submitting the form and felt like...My Adib so growing up and sooner or later i will face it.

Healthy fast food drinks

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Air mata untuk abah

Pelik. Sedih. Takut. Semua ada. Semuanya saya pikir.
Pagi tadi my mum sent me a message sound like this 'kak long,abah kat hospital,malam tadi dalam pukul 12 ma bawak abah pergi hospital sbb abah sakit dada and susah nak bernafas.'
I was like.....????? Abah sakit? At that time i felt like kebas satu badan and at that time i was in training room and i can go out from the session. With the excuses to go to ladies..i called my mum and asked what happened and how's abah at that time. My mum said abah so weak and only just can lay on bed with the pale face.
Abah as we know as i know, he's a very hardworking plus he always doing his 'kerja rumah' - bersih area rumah,sapu sampah...macam macam la...
And now abah tak sihat...ayat yang memang saya susah nak dengar...rasanya for 31 years with abah berapa kali je abah demam...itu pun abah still buat kerja and go to work. I keep callling my mum and even cannot speak with my abah..really want to hear his voice. After lunch i tried to call my mum again and asked how was abah doing? My mum just cried and i was so....what happened? Abah okay ke? Jangan la nangis..i told mum...then i asked my mum to aler to her phone because i will keep texting her or calling her.
During lunch hour...i got so many messages from my families and friends who asking about my abah and asked me to be 'bersabar'....a big thank you to all of you.
Guess i can go to my hometown today..but there are a few things have to be settled and my mum said abah also we decided to go back to abah at Friday.
So malam tadi i called my mum and wanna try to talk with usual i will never forget to talk and tanya khabar felt like ...something...m mum said..abah then i hang up the phone and cried. Abah sleep!!! Abah who always sleep late nite..watching tv and berita...or baca surat khabar...a fee hour later...i called again and wish and hope i can speak with abah...abah on the phone...the conversation with all my tears...even i know i cant speak clearly
Me : abahhh....
Abah : kaklong jangan nangis...abah sihat...
Me : abah dah makan?
Abah : abah tak lalu, abah minum susu je
Me : abah suruh la ma masak apa abah nak makan...
Abah : abah x lalu la long
Me : *crying*
Abah : *no word*
Me : abah rehat la...
Abah : kaklong sihat?
Me : *abah sempat lagi tanya pasal saya*
Me : sihat abah...
Abah : okay la...abah nak rehat...

I can't stop crying....

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

piece of life

A was sitting at the stairs at LRT Gombak, waiting for my BIL and SIL to pick me up back to my home.*my hubby was out station*.
My eyes pointing at one malay boy, I think he is around 8 or 9..based on his body. I saw him open from one to one dustbin...and looking for what we call ' as long as it give food' - canes!! My heart so touched. He opened and looking and took out the 'sampah' and took the canes and put in his plastic bag...a big black plastic bag. And when I was sitting looking to him, one guy beside me was drinking his Coke and that kid seems liked waiting this guy to finish his drink. Than after, around 5 minutes, that guy *i guess wanna throw his cane* moved to dustbin, and the kid came to the guy said like this -- abang,bagi saya...
When I heard that, I just like to cry...oh my god...!! How this kid,this small little kid hardly to have some money. Then..after he got his canes...I saw him cycled his bicycle *as I saw,we definitely will buy new one to our kid*.
To you, life is hard to be easy. But as I saw you, you make me wake up. And I pray for you, that you will get better life.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Rasanya memang dah lama sangat tak post any entry kat my blog ni. Sebab tak de masa plus masalah malas nak on lappy.
Well...there are so many things happen and i just really do not know which one to update first. But definately i will not update tonite la...
So...will be continued la ye...

So sleppy after had my ubat batuk n 2 panadols..and it is time to sleep.

Good nite.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

drama series

Ehem..ehem..saje je entry ni di tulis..entry sebelum tido...actually saya ni dah malas sangat nak pikir pahala mulut, dosa mulut orang...sampai one time saya sendiri pun x larat nak dengar org cerita pasal org cite saya ni x de kene mengena ngan orang lain pun..just saya nak share my old fav dramas.
Actually, one of my new fren ni..dia suka la cerita pasal dia gila sgt cerita korea..yg mana saya pun x kesah pun dia nak minat apa. Pastu nak di jadikan cerita..saya letak la gambar kat bbm profile as a display picture saya at my vey OWN bbm. Saya letak gambar artis pujaan saya la konon..yup..he is a korean actor.
So, saya pun x tau la apa masalah dia..dia siap tulis kat fb dia..lebih kurang saya ni meniru dia. Kononnya saya ni baru nak minat.
Okay...saya dont mind la. Sbb ko pun budak lagi..intuk pengetahuan saudari saya ni memang minat korean drama, filipino, even sinetron pin saya saya mmg minat korean drama since saya 20..masa tu first time tgk cite Winter Sonata. Itu la first drama yg saya layan. Then Autumn In My Heart. Dari situ la saya memang minay Korean drama..Fullhouse, secret garden, boys over flower, boys before flower,love in harvard,, my love patzi, little bride, what star you came from?...banyak la...tapi saya ni x perlu la nak cite kat semua org apa yg saya minat. Sbb saya x pernah cakap kat org yg saya minat drama korea nih..yg tau pun yg close je. Then saya x de la sampai minat korean drama smpi nak makan makanan korea hari2. Haih...saya ni x de masa la nak meniru2 sesapa...pelik la kan..macam la kat dunia ni barang tu di buat satu je...
* sambung nnt la..ngantuk...
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ben 10

Melayan ben 10.
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american idol

I never missed to watch AI this year and 9 years AI before. So malam ni i am so excited and happy sbb Lauren and Pia masuk..Casey as keputusan memang memuaskan hati la. Sbb 13 of them had great voices! Yang pasti J.Lo is so beautylicious!
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Allah Penyayang

Yup...Allah maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang..
tak de sapa pun boleh saya kita...boleh sayang saya seperti kasih sayang Allah kepada saya..
Mungkin kasih sayang saya kepada anak dan suami saya boleh di tukar ganti dengan nyawa saya...
tapi Allah lebih menyayangi kita semua...
sebesar mana kesilapan kita, kesalahan kita, apa saja jahat kat dunia ni..Allah pengampun Allah Penyayang..siapa kita ..siapa saya di mata manusia bila kesilapan dan kesalahan saya buat?
Mana kawan-kawan yang pernah bersama kita setelah kita bersusah payah untuk mereka. no!!
Yup...saya mungkin / memang manusia yang sering buat salah yang sama. Ulang salah yang sama...!!
Saya sedar...sejahat mana saya..Allah menyayangi saya...mungkin apa yang saya nak tak seperti yang saya dapat...tapi saya masih bersyukur dengan kekuatan yang saya ada...hidup saya teruskan. Mencorakkan sisa hidup saya...yang saya sendiri tak tau lama mana lagi saya berada kat dunia, muka bumi Allah ni...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sentul west yang mendamaikan

Last weekend (ahad) me, jue and novee plus kids kecuali la saya yang mana anak saya adib ni tak nak dah ikut mummy dia..rasa frust sangat...!!! We planned to be at sentulwest pukul 5 tp biasa la kid mesti la nak tido la apa we met up at 5.30pm...and start la memberi makan bebek aka itik..ikan pun banyak..kura kura pun sangat...
Malas la nak menaip sebenarnya...huhu..

Gambar gambar akan diupload lagi ye..

Cameraman kitaorg memang best gila..
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