Monday, May 31, 2010

Sabtu lepas saya n family dalam keadaan eboringan sbb tak tau nak gi mana.
Nak kluar tapi tak tau ke mana. At last kita orag siap jer la. tapi destinasi tak tau lagi. dalam keta baru decide nak ker Md Valley..tapi belum separuh jalan tak jadi. Kitaorang terus decide nak gi Pavillion sbb nak jumpa member skali.

So, sampai Pavi dalam kol 2 lebih. pusing2 kat bawah ..masuk Gucci, Prada.
Pastu gi makan ice cream kat Baskin Robbin...yummyyyy

Dalam kol 3 lebih kitaorang meet up Bagio's family kat Cofee Bean.
Sambil makan sambil chit chat merapu...hehehe

dalam kol 7 lebih baru balik...

lv :-)

i love

me n nelly

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

and she's gone...gonna miss u Nomi.

it just about a week we started to keep her in our life.
and last nite there was a big suprise when she died.
we were so sad and shocked coz Nomi had no fever or flu.

R.I.P Nomi...we gonna miss u...:(

Adib so sad and cried all nite long...(gambar Nomi kat sebelah )

Monday, May 24, 2010

my favourite fruit is STRAWBERRY.

and herewith i'd like to share about STRAWBERRY.

The strawberry is actually a member of the rose family. It is the only fruit in the world with seeds on the outside rather than the inside. The strawberry is the most popular berry in the world. It's bright red color is very appealing to the human eye. There are over 600 varities of the fruit. There are wild strawberries and cultivated ones. The cultivated ones you buy in stores are actually a hybrid. Wild ones are much smaller and more intense in flavor.

Vitamins And Minerals

  • Vitamin C - 136%
  • Vitamin B2 - 5%
  • Vitamin B5 - 4%
  • Vitamin B6 - 4%
  • Vitamin K - 3%
  • Copper - 2%
  • Manganese - 20%
  • Dietary fiber - 13%
  • Iodine - 8%
  • Potassium - 6%
  • Folate - 5%


The bright red color of strawberries is due to their high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radical and rid the blood of harmful toxins. Free radicals damage cells and cause most types of cancer. Their high antioxidant compacity make them an ideal food for fighting cancer.

Anti-Aging Properties

The USDA human nutrition center on aging found that strawberries help slow the decline of age-related loss of cognitive and motor skills. The nutrients in strawberries nourish brain cells increasing brain health and function.

Fighting Diseases

The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals of strawberries combine to form a powerful disease fighting mixture. Supplementing strawberries into your diet is recommended for rheumatism, gout, and catarhh. They are also recommended for health problems such as high blood pressure, constipation, and the flu.

Eating Strawberries Even Removes Tartar

Strawberries can be used to remove tartar in two ways. You can eat them, which is what most people will do, or you can cut them in half and rub them across your teeth.The acid in strawberries is extremely effective at dissolving the tartar. Aside from removing the tartar on your teeth, the acids dramatically improve gum health

Selecting, Storing, And Purchasing Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most perishable fruits. It is important to buy them when they are in season so they don't go bad. They are in season from April to October. Strawberries bought out of season aren't as rich in flavor, plus they vitamins and minerals. Choose strawberries that are bright red in color, firm, and have green caps. You want to buy them just before you plan on eating them. This way you eat them while they are fresh and still packed with nutrients. After you buy them you will need to store them in the refridgerator. Use them within 1 to 2 days.


Strawberries are one of the most versatile fruits. They can be used for so many things. Here are commonly used in

  • smoothies
  • salads
  • deserts
  • side dishes
  • yogurts
  • ice creams
  • fruit dishes
  • appetizers
  • alcoholic beverages
  • candy
  • drinks

Bonus Smoothie Recipe

- 7 to 8

- 2 ripe bananas

- 1/2 cup sugar

- 2 cups ice

- 1 cup of orange juice

blend ingredients in a blender

Bonus Milk Shake Recipe

- 4 to 5 large hulled strawberries

- 1/3 cup nonfat milk powder

- 1/2 teaspon vanilla

- 1 cup of ice cubes

- dash of salt

blend ingredients in a blender

our new in the house

Last Sunday, kitaorang pergi beli rabbit kat the curve sbb Adib into to have a pet.
So acctually decide nak beli seekor jer..pastu at last jadi terbeli 2 ekor.
So, i presenting our new pets...Nomi (yg telinga jatuh tu) and Ciko (telinga kelabu)

yang ni so manja and suka dibelai : NOMI

yang telinga grey tu : chiko

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya

Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya. Ia mendapat pahala (dari kebajikan) yang diusahakannya dan ia mendapat siksa (dari kejahatan) yang dikerjakannya. (Mereka berdo`a): “Ya Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau hukum kami jika kami lupa atau kami tersalah. Ya Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau bebankan kepada kami beban yang berat sebagaimana Engkau bebankan kepada orang-orang yang sebelum kami. Ya Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau pikulkan kepada kami apa yang tak sanggup kami memikulnya. Beri maaflah kami; ampunilah kami; dan rahmatilah kami. Engkaulah Penolong kami, maka tolonglah kami terhadap kaum yang kafir”. (QS. Al Baqarah:286)


bukan rezeki kami

Semalam adalah sesuatu yang paling sedih buat saya sekeluarga, when our saving money hilang sekelip mata.

It is not a small amout for us...

tapi apa pu..saya n hubby redha...mungkin akan ada yang lebih baik after.
insyaallah.. amin

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Super Foods for Men and Women

By Maureen Callahan

Guess what? You have different nutritional needs than the opposite sex. Discover the best foods for you both.

One in five women have a history of painful urinary tract infections. "I had three in one year," says Patty Buxton*, a Colorado middle-school teacher. Reading that cranberry juice may help prevent these infections, Buxton went on a regimen a year ago, and since then she's been infection-free. She thinks cranberry juice did the trick.

PLUS: 17 Things Your Mother Wants You to Know

Cranberry juice isn't the only food that offers protection from specific illnesses. Here's a list of disease-fighting foods for men and women.

Foods for Men

© 2009 Jupiterimages Corporation

© 2009 Jupiterimages Corporation

1. Tomato Sauce.
Men who eat a lot of tomatoes, tomato sauce, or pizza smothered with the stuff may be giving themselves a hedge against prostate cancer. So say researchers at Harvard, who studied the eating habits of more than 47,000 male health professionals. They found that men who ate tomato sauce two to four times per week had a 35 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer than men who ate none. A carotenoid called lycopene, which tomatoes contain in abundance, appeared to be responsible. But scientists were puzzled: tomato juice didn't seem to have a protective effect. Other research showed why. For best absorption, lycopene should be cooked with some kind of fat. So pizza may be just what the doctor ordered.

2. Oysters. Myth has it that oysters are the food of love. Science may agree. Just two to three oysters deliver a full day's supply of zinc, a mineral critical for normal functioning of the male reproductive system. Scientists are divided over reports that sperm counts have declined over the last 50 years and that environmental factors are to blame. Nutritional deficiencies do seem to be the cause of certain cases of low testosterone. Getting adequate zinc is sometimes the answer (11 mg per day is recommended for men; more than 40 mg can pose risks). In one trial, 22 men with low testosterone levels and sperm counts were given zinc every day for 45 to 50 days. Testosterone levels and sperm counts rose.

PLUS: Top 10 Aphrodisiacs

3. Broccoli. A recent Harvard study finds that cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, may protect against bladder cancer. It's one of the most common cancers in this country, and affects two to three times as many men as women. Scientists analyzed the diets of nearly 50,000 men and discovered that those who ate five servings or more per week of cruciferous veggies were half as likely to develop bladder cancer over a ten-year period as men who rarely ate them. And broccoli and cabbage were singled out as the most protective foods.

4. Peanut Butter. If you want a healthy heart, spread your morning toast with peanut butter. Heart disease is the leading killer of men and women, but men fall victim at an earlier age. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University compared the cholesterol-lowering effect of the American Heart Association's Step II Diet with a higher-fat diet based on peanuts. The AHA plan included more carbohydrates. The peanut regimen was 36 percent fat. After 24 days both diets lowered "bad" LDL cholesterol. But the peanut plan also caused a drop in blood fats called triglycerides and did not decrease HDL, the "good" cholesterol. The AHA diet raised levels of triglycerides and lowered levels of HDL.

"Peanut butter is a little higher in fat," says Penny Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., the lead author of the Penn State study. "But it's the type that's good for you -- monounsaturated fat." Researchers have predicted that the peanut diet could reduce heart-disease risk even more than could the AHA diet. Just don't go nutty plastering on the tasty spread, since it is high in calories.

PLUS: 11 Ways to Load Up on Lean Protein

5. Watermelon. Until the age of 55, more men suffer from high blood pressure than do women. Research suggests that foods rich in potassium can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. The evidence is so convincing that the Food and Drug Administration recently allowed food labels to bear a health claim about the connection between potassium-rich foods and blood pressure. "There isn't a dietary requirement for potassium," says Kathleen Cappellano, nutrition-information manager at Tufts University in Boston. "But a good goal is about 2000 milligrams or more a day." Watermelon, a rich source of this mineral, has more potassium -- 664 mg -- in one large slice than the amount found in a banana or a cup of orange juice. So cut yourself another slice and enjoy the taste of summer.

PLUS: 10 More Aphrodisiacs

Foods for Women

1. Papaya. This tropical fruit packs about twice the vitamin C of an orange. Add it to your arsenal against gallbladder disease, which afflicts twice as many women as men.

After analyzing the blood of over 13,000 people, scientists from the University of California, San Francisco, found that women who had lower levels of vitamin C were more likely to have gallbladder illnesses. One medium papaya (about ten ounces), with its 188 mg of vitamin C and a mere 119 calories, is a refreshing source of the vitamin. The once exotic fruit now can be found in most supermarkets.

2. Flaxseed. Bakers use this nutty-flavored seed mainly to add flavor and fiber. But scientists see the tiny reddish-brown seed, rich in estrogenlike compounds called lignans, as a potential weapon against breast cancer. An exciting report at last year's San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium showed that adding flaxseed to the diet of women with breast cancer effectively slowed tumor growth. You can flavor your muffins with flaxseed, but the easiest way to get the beneficial lignans is to sprinkle a few tablespoons of ground flaxseed on your morning cereal. Look for the seeds in health food stores or in supermarkets on the flour aisle. They're easy to grind in a blender or coffee grinder. But get seeds -- there are no lignans in the oil.

PLUS: 8 Old Wives' Tales: Which Should You Believe?

3. Tofu. Foods high in soy protein can lower cholesterol and may minimize menopausal hot flashes and strengthen bone. Isoflavones, plant chemicals in soybeans that have a structure similar to estrogen, may be the reason. Though animal studies form the bulk of the evidence, a human study found that 90 mg of isoflavones was beneficial to bone (specifically the spine). And two other studies suggest that 50 to 76 mg of isoflavones a day may offer some relief from hot flashes. A half-cup of tofu contains about 25 to 35 mg of isoflavones.

4. Buffalo Meat. Due largely to menstruation, women tend to be anemic more than men. And low iron levels in blood can cause severe fatigue. To get a good dose of iron, try bison. Bison, or buffalo, meat is lean and has what diet-conscious women want -- lots of iron and less fat than most cuts of beef. "The iron content is about 3 milligrams in a 3 1/2-ounce uncooked portion," says Marty Marchello, Ph.D., at North Dakota State University. "That portion contains less than 3 grams of fat." Buffalo meat can help boost energy and lower weight. And you don't have to have a home on the range to get some bison anymore. You can pick it up at many supermarkets across the United States, or through mail order or on the Internet.

PLUS: 8 Diet Downfalls and Solutions

5. Collard Greens. This humble vegetable may help fight osteoporosis, which afflicts many women late in life. In addition to getting adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D, some studies suggest that vitamin K may have a bone-protective effect as well. Based on data from one of the largest studies of women, the Nurses' Health Study, researchers discovered that women who ate enough vitamin K-rich foods (at least 109 micrograms of the vitamin daily) were 30 percent less likely to suffer a hip fracture during ten years of follow-up than women who ate less. Researchers point out that dark-green leafy vegetables -- Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli -- are all good sources of the vitamin. But collard greens, with about 375 micrograms per half-cup, are among the best.

There you have it: five great foods for women and for men that can keep both of you well fed and healthy too.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Keberkatan Hari Jumaat

Nabi s.a w bersabda: “Sesungguhnya Allah telah menugaskan dua Malaikat untuk menulis segala apa yang dilakukan atau dituturkan oleh seseorang hamba-Nya (satu disebelah kanannya dan yang satu lagi disebelah kirinya); kemudian apabila orang itu mati….

Maka Tuhan perintahkan kedua Malaikat itu dengan firman-Nya: “Hendaklah kamu berdua tinggal tetap di kubur hamba-Ku itu serta hendaklah kamu mengucapkan tasbih, tahmid dan takbir hingga ke hari qiamat dan hendaklah kamu menulis pahalanya untuk hamba-Ku itu.” Dan pada satu Athar, ada disebutkan bahawa kedua Malaikat itu melaknat si mati hingga ke hari Kiamat – jika ia seoarang kafir.
(Anas r.a)


  1. Meskipun Allah S.W.T telah menugaskan malaikat-malaikat untuk menulis surat amal manusia namun ia bukanlah menafikan sifat Allah yang Maha Mengetahui segala yang lahir dan yang tersembunyi melainkan tujuannya adalah untuk melahirkan kebesaran kerajaan-Nya dan keadilan pemerintah-Nya.
  2. Gunanya surat (daftar) amal seseorang manusia itu adalah supaya ia dapat dilihat dan dibaca oleh orang itu sendiri pada hari kiamat kelak.
  3. Sesungguhnya malaikat ini tidak akan berpisah meskipun seseorang itu telah meninggal dunia, mereka diperintahkan Allah supaya tinggal tetap bersama seseorang itu di kubur, bertasbih, bertahmid dan berzikir hingga hari kiamat di mana pahala amal mereka akan ditulis dalam surat amal si mati itu.
  4. Hal ini dikecualikan bagi orang-orang kafir di mana para malaikat melaknat mereka hingga ke hari kiamat.

Sumber : Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia

7 Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook

7 Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook

Using a Weak Password

Avoid simple names or words you can find in a dictionary, even with numbers tacked on the end. Instead, mix upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. A password should have at least eight characters. One good technique is to insert numbers or symbols in the middle of a word, such as this variant on the word "houses": hO27usEs!

Leaving Your Full Birth Date in Your Profile

t's an ideal target for identity thieves, who could use it to obtain more information about you and potentially gain access to your bank or credit card account. If you've already entered a birth date, go to your profile page and click on the Info tab, then on Edit Information. Under the Basic Information section, choose to show only the month and day or no birthday at all.

Overlooking Useful Privacy Controls

For almost everything in your Facebook profile, you can limit access to only your friends, friends of friends, or yourself. Restrict access to photos, birth date, religious views, and family information, among other things. You can give only certain people or groups access to items such as photos, or block particular people from seeing them. Consider leaving out contact info, such as phone number and address, since you probably don't want anyone to have access to that information anyway.

Posting Your Child's Name in a Caption

Don't use a child's name in photo tags or captions. If someone else does, delete it by clicking on Remove Tag. If your child isn't on Facebook and someone includes his or her name in a caption, ask that person to remove the name.

Mentioning That You'll Be Away From Home

That's like putting a "no one's home" sign on your door. Wait until you get home to tell everyone how awesome your vacation was and be vague about the date of any trip.

Letting Search Engines Find You

To help prevent strangers from accessing your page, go to the Search section of Facebook's privacy controls and select Only Friends for Facebook search results. Be sure the box for public search results isn't checked.

Permitting Youngsters to Use Facebook Unsupervised

Facebook limits its members to ages 13 and over, but children younger than that do use it. If you have a young child or teenager on Facebook, the best way to provide oversight is to become one of their online friends. Use your e-mail address as the contact for their account so that you receive their notifications and monitor their activities. "What they think is nothing can actually be pretty serious," says Charles Pavelites, a supervisory special agent at the Internet Crime Complaint Center. For example, a child who posts the comment "Mom will be home soon, I need to do the dishes" every day at the same time is revealing too much about the parents' regular comings and goings.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kelebihan Solat Dhuha

Berkata Abu Murrah Ath-Tha’ifi r.a. bahwasanya Nabi s.a.w. telah bersabda : Allah telah berfirman:

“Wahai anak Adam! Bersembahyanglah untuk Aku di awal pagi, niscaya Aku akan mencukupimu di akhirnya.”

(Riwayat Ahmad)

Hadis Qudsi ini menganjurkan kita mengerjakan Solat Dhuha yang mana antara faedahnya, Allah Ta’ala memberi jaminan akan melaksanakan segala keperluan-keperluan keduniaan manusia setiap hari.

Antara ibadat sunat yang dianjurkan dan menjadi amalan Rasullullah SAW sendiri ialah solat sunat Dhuha. Banyak hadis-hadis yang mengalakkannya dan menyatakan keutamaannya, antaranya dalam riwayat Abu Hurairah katanya:

“Kekasihku Rasullullah SAW telah berwasiat kepadaku tiga perkara, aku tidak meninggalkannya, iaitu ; supaya aku tidak tidur melainkan setelah mengerjakan witir, dan supaya aku tidak meninggalkan dua rakaat solat Dhuha kerana ia adalah sunat awwabin, dan berpuasa tiga hari daripada tiap-tiap bulan”

(Hadis riwayat Al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

Dalam riwayat yang lain Rasullullah SAW pernah bersabda yang maksudnya :

“Pada tiap-tiap pagi lazimkanlah atas tiap-tiap ruas anggota seseorang kamu bersedekah; tiap-tiap tahlil satu sedekah, tiap-tiap takbir satu sedekah, menyuruh berbuat baik satu sedekah, dan cukuplah (sebagai ganti) yang demikian itu dengan mengerjakan dua rakaat solat Dhuha .”

(Hadis riwayat Al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

Adapun kelebihan sembahyang Dhuha itu sepertimana di dalam kitab “An-Nurain” sabda Rasullullah SAW yang maksudnya : “Dua rakaat Dhuha menarik rezeki dan menolak kepapaan.”

Dalam satu riwayat yang lain Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang maksudnya : “Barangsiapa yang menjaga sembahyang Dhuhanya nescaya diampuni Allah baginya akan segala dosanya walaupun seperti buih dilautan.”

(Riwayat Ibnu Majah dan At-Tirmidzi)

Dan daripada Anas bin Malik Radhiallahu ‘anhu berkata: “Aku mendengar Rasulullah SAW berkata: “Barangsiapa yang mengerjakan sembahyang sunat Dhuha dua belas rakaat dibina akan Allah baginya sebuah mahligai daripada emas”

(Riwayat Ibnu Majah dan Tirmidzi)

Waktu sembahyang Dhuha ialah dari naik matahari sampai se-penggalah dan berakhir di waktu matahari tergelincir tetapi disunatkan dita’khirkan sehingga matahari naik tinggi dan panas terik.

Cara menunaikannya pula adalah sama seperti sembahyang-sembahyang sunat yang lain iaitu dua rakaat satu salam.
Boleh juga dikerjakan empat rakaat, enam rakaat dan lapan rakaat. Menurut sebahagian ulama jumlah rakaatnya tidak terbatas dan tidak ada dalil yang membatasi jumlah rakaat secara tertentu, sebagaimana sebuah hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh ‘Aisyah bermaksud :”Adalah Nabi SAW bersembahyang Dhuha empat rakaat dan menambahnya seberapa yang dikehedakinya.” (Hadis riwayat Ahmad, Muslim dan Ibnu Majah)

Dalam sebuah hadis yang lain Nabi SAW bersabda bermaksud : ” Barangsiapa yang menunaikan sembahyang sunat Dhuha sebanyak dua rakaat tidak ditulis dia daripada orang-orang yang lalai daripada mengingati Allah dan barangsiapa yang menunaikan nya sebanyak empat rakaat ditulis akan dia daripada orang-orang yang suka beribadat dan barangsiapa yang menunaikannya sebanyak enam rakaat dicukupkan baginya pada hari tersebut, barangsiapa menunaikanyan sebanyak lapan rakaat Allah menulis baginya daripada orang-orang yang selalu berbuat taat, barang siapa yang menunaikannya sebanyak dua belas rakaat Allah akan membina baginya mahligai didalam syurga dan tidak ada satu hari dan malam melainkan Allah mempunyai pemberian dan sedekah kepada hamba-hambaNya dan Allah tidak mengurniakan kepada seseorang daripada hamba-hambaNya yang lebih baik daripada petunjuk supaya sentiasa mengingatiNya,” (Riwayat At-Thabarani ).

saya copy dari

Sapu Badan Setelah Membaca Tiga Surah Al-Qur’an

Sapu Badan Setelah Membaca Tiga Surah Al-Qur’an

Daripada Aishah r.a. :

“Bahwa Junjungan Nabi s.a.w. apabila ia berbaring di tempat tidurnya pada tiap-tiap malam, Ia menghimpunkan dua tapak tangannya kemudian ia hembuskan [Yakni: meludah dengan tidak ber air ludah] pada keduanya dan membaca

(Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Rahiim)

( Qul huwallaahu ahad. Allaahush-shamad. Lam yalid wa lam yuulad walam yakul lahuu kufuwan ahad) dan

(Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Rahiim)

(Qul a’uudzu birabbil falaq. Min syarri maa khalaq, Wamin syarri ghaasiqin idzaa waqab. Wamin syarrin naffaatsaati fil ‘ uqad, Wamin syarri haasidin idzaa hasad.) dan

(Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Rahiim)

(Qul a’uudzu birabbin naas, Malikin naas, Ilaahin naas, Min syarril waswaasil Khannaas, Al-ladzii yuwaswisu fii shuduurin naas. Minal jinnati wan naas.)

pada keduanya kemudian menyapu seberapa dapat daripada badannya; Ia mulai dengan menyapu keduanya atas kepalanya dan mukanya dan yang di hadapan daripada badannya. Di perbuatnya yang demikian itu sebanyak tiga kali.”

Menurut hadis ini nyatalah bahwa hembusan atau ludahan pada dua tapak tangan itu adalah di buatnya sebelum membaca tiga surah-surah tersebut. Akan tetapi menurut riwayat yang lain pula bahwa hembusan atau ludahan pada keduanya itu adalah sesudah membaca, dan perbuatan yang semacam ini adalah lebih sempurna.

Adapun banyak bacaan menurut hadis tersebut zahirnya adalah sekali sahaja. Setelah habis beliau membacanya maka di sapukanlah dengan kedua tapak tangannya ke atas lembaganya. Beliau mulakan dengan menyapu ke atas kepalanya kemudian mukanya, lalu menurun menyapu badannya yang di hadapan; iaitu dadanya dan yang berdekatan dengannya. Perbuatan beliau yang demikian itu tiga kali.(**)

(**)Bolehjadi – kata petunjuk itu- kembali kepada perbuatan menyapu sahaja, maka ber ertilah membaca ke tiga-tiga surah itu sekali. Dan bolehjadi kalimah tersebut menunjukkan kepada kesemua perbuatan, iaitu menghimpun dua tapak tangan dan membaca surah, menyapu. Inilah yang lebih utama, sesuai dengan riwayat yang mengatakan tiga kali baca.

Monday, May 10, 2010


last weekend we had a very happening short vacay in JB.

*malas nak story- tgk gambar jer*

stulang - after makan cucuk2

museum sultan johor - mmg kehidupan yang sgt mewah

selat tebrau

and sempat singgah melaka


This is really not bad at all....*smile*

Happy Mother’s Day!

Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?
She is more precious than rubies.

She carefully watches everything in her household
and suffers nothing from laziness.

Her children stand and bless her.
Her husband praises her:

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Kecik dulu slalu nyanyi lagu ni kan :

Engkaulah ratu hatiku..
Bilaku berduka..
Engkau hiburkan selalu..
Engkaulah ratu hatiku..

Selamat hari ibu..buat ibu ku puan norizan daud.

H ave no fear, for love is all around you.
A ll come helpless from a common womb.
P erhaps you do not know that love surrounds you.
P erhaps you do not know that you’re in bloom.
Y et mothers, too, are children, ever loved,
M inded by the living and the dead,
O ld enough to give, as time has proved,
T he need no less, though time and tears have fled.
H ave faith that love’s a mystic tide that flows
E qually to and from the heart,
R eturning, turning as it comes and goes,
‘ Mid moon and moon your sea, your song, your art.
S ing, then, of this moment of your giving,
D eep within the ebb and flow of living.
A ll you feel is what was felt for you,
Y earning your own yearning will renew.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


OfficialTwilightFilm March 11, 2010In THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between Edward and Jacob — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE opens on June 30, 2010.

Check out more at
Category: Film & Animation


Cara menyempurnakan Solat Sunat Taubat

by admin on 12/10/2009

Seperti yang pernah disiarkan oleh blog — beberapa minggu lalu, kami di Oh! Islam menyiarkan’nya kembali bagi memudahkan anda membuat rujukan. InsyaAllah suatu hari nanti, semua orang Islam akan memerlukan ini.

Sumber rujukan: Solat Taubat (Panduan Penjernihan Jiwa)
Muhammad Isa Selamat

ALLAH swt sentiasa memerintahkan kita supaya bertaubat, sebagaimana firman-Nya yang bermaksud: “Hai orang-orang yang beriman, bertaubatlah kepada Allah dengan taubat yang sebenar.” (At-Tahrim: 8.)

Allah telah membuka pintu harapan kepada hamba-hambaNya: “Katakanlah; wahai hamba-hambaKu yang melampaui batas terhadap diri mereka sendiri janganlah kamu berputus asa dari rahmat Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah mengampunkan dosa-dosa semuanya. Sesungguhnya Dialah yang Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.” (Az-Zumar: 53)

Syarat-syarat taubat :

  1. Ikhlas ingin bertaubat
  2. Tidak akan mengulangi perbuatan dosa itu lagi
  3. Menyesal atas perbuatan yang telah dilakukan
  4. Harus mempunyai tekad di dalam hati tidak akan melakukan dosa itu untuk selama-lamanya
  5. Dikerjakan sebelum ajal tiba

Jika salah satu syarat tidak dipenuhi, maka taubat yang dilakukan itu tidaklah sah. Jika dosa berkaitan dengan manusia yang lain, maka syaratnya ditambah lagi, iaitu harus dapat membebaskan diri dari hak orang yang berkaitan. Contohnya jika hal itu berbentuk harta, harus dikembalikan. Jika berbentuk hukuman, ia harus menyerahkan diri mohon dimaafkan. Jika hal berupa cacian dan sebagainya, maka ia harus memohon keredhaannya.

Waktu melaksanakan taubat :

Taubat tidak boleh diundur-undur atau ditunda. Kerana jika demikian ia sangat berbahaya bagi hati manusia. Jika tidak segera menyucikan diri sedikit demi sedikit, maka pengaruh dosa itu akan bertompok-tompok, dan akhirnya akan merosakkan hati sehingga tertutup dari cahaya kebenaran.

Di antara penyebab yang akan membangkitkan jiwa bertaubat seseorang itu adalah jiwa yang selalu mengingati hari kematian dan hidup bersendirian di dalam kubur. Kata-kata mati adalah sesuatu yang sangat menakutkan kebanyakan manusia. Mati beerti berpisah dengan segala yang disayangi atau dicintai. Hari terputusnya segala nikmat. Sedangkan berpisah sebentar sahaja dengan anak atau isteri, dapat mengalirkan air mata kesedihan, apa lagi berpisah untuk selamanya

Firman Allah: “Sesungguhnya kamu akan mati dan sesungguhnya mereka akan mati pula.” (Az-Zumar: 30)

Di samping mengingat tentang azab penderitaan yang bakal dihadapi oleh orang-orang yang berdosa mengingat kenikmatan syurga yang bakal ditempati oleh orang-orang yang soleh juga akan dapat membangkitkan keinginan jiwa untuk melakukan taubat dengan segera.

Cara melaksanakan solat taubat :

Cara melaksanakan solat taubat ini sama dengan solat biasa, iaitu setelah berwuduk dengan sempurna, lalu berdiri di tempat yang suci, menghadap kiblat;

  • Waktu di lakukan – bila-bila masa merasa telah berbuat dosa (kecuali waktu makruh tahrim utk melakukan solat)*. Sebaik-baiknya 2/3 malam (pukul 2 pagi ke atas), semasa Qiyamullail
  • Lafaz niat: “Sahaja aku mengerjakan solat sunat taubat dua rakaat kerana Allah Ta’ala.” (Cukup di dalam hati, ada perbahasan ulama’ tentang lafaz niat dlm ibadah – sila rujuk kpd pakar feqah)
  • Rakaat pertama membaca (disunatkan membaca doa Iftitah) kemudian surah Al-Fatihah. Selepas itu mana2 ayat atau surah dalam al-Quran.
  • Rakaat kedua membaca surah Al-Fatihah. Selepas itu mana2 ayat atau surah dalam al-Quran.
  • Semasa sujud akhir rakaat kedua, ucapkanlah Doa Nabi Yunus sebanyak 40 kali (bersungguh-sungguh di dalam hati memohon keampunan dari Allah Ta’ala),
  • 027alquran3.gif

    Ertinya: “Tidak ada Tuhan selain Engkau. Maha Suci Engkau Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku adalah termasuk orang-orang yang zalim.”

  • Selepas salam, perbanyakkan istighfar seperti,


Ertinya: Ampunilah hamba Ya Allah. Tuhan yang Maha Agung. Tiada Tuhan yang lain melainkan hanya Engkau. Dialah Tuhan yang Maha Hidup lagi Maha Perkasa dan hamba bertaubat kepada Engkau ya Allah.

  • dan berdoa dengan Penghulu Istighfar,


Ertinya: “Ya, Allah Engkaulah Tuhanku, Tidak ada Tuhan selain Engkau, Engkaulah yang menjadikan aku. Sedang aku adalah hamba-Mu dan aku di dalam genggaman-Mu dan di dalam perjanjian setia ( beriman dan taat ) kepada-Mu sekuat mampuku. Aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari kejahatan yang telah ku lakukan. Aku mengakui atas segala nikmat yang telah Engkau berikan kepada ku dan aku mengaku segala dosaku. Maka ampunilah aku. Sesungguhnya tidak ada yang dapat mengampuni segala dosa kecuali Engkau.”


with them!!


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