Thursday, August 20, 2009


Perhaps it’s one of the most talked about health-related topic these days.
With the flu virus spreading like wildfire all around the world.
And naturally, quite a few parents wonder whether they really should send their kids to school, whether it’ll be safe, whether traveling overseas is a good idea, whether what the Malaysia Government is doing is an over-reaction, OR in fact, a good precautionary measure.

I too was a little unsure about whether or not I should let Adib go to skool.
Well, you know what.

The school teachers actually had one of those ‘thermometer guns‘ and they checked every single child’s temperature BEFORE they boarded into classroom.


That there’s only so much that we can do to prevent things from happening to us.

And that IF we are still good and healthy today, that is PURE BLESSINGS from God, and is totally NOT because of how ‘in full control’ we are of our own lives.

Let’s learn to count our blessings. In all kinds of circumstances.

ps : For all muslims..Selamat Berpuasa..semoga Ramadhan tahun ini meberi sepenuh keberkatan

Monday, August 17, 2009

I Can'T SmiLe WitHouT YOU

you know i can't smile without you
i can't smile without you
i can't laugh and i can't sing
i'm finding it hard to do anything

you see i feel sad when you're sad
i feel grad when you're glad
if you only knew
what i'm going through
i just can't smile..without YOU.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adib's First Annual Concert

Adib had an annual concert today at Auditorium UIA.*wink*

Well, my hubby and I was so worried about him since ME really not confident with Adib.
But Adib did WELL!! I'm so proud of him..and know what ' I CrIEd'

Saturday, August 15, 2009

- N.E.W -

I'm not sure for other kids, but my Adib loves drawing and coloring. Before, he using the Doodle table that bought at Pasar Malam jer. Then, yesterday, my hubby bought a small gift to him ..BOB the BUILDER - Fold & Go Easel.

There's lots of drawing, colouring and painting to be done. Features a folding portable case, sliding drawers, and a chalkboard. Includes markers, chalk and crayons, as well as stamp pad and stamps, and colouring pages.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Conversation

I was preparing for dinner , my Adib came and asked:

Adib : mummy, where did u buy this rice cooker?

Me : *shocked* owh..i got this from my fren.

Adib : For ur birthday?

Me : No. For my wedding give.

Adib : Then, i want to have one for my wedding give...

Me : *smile*

Sunday, August 9, 2009

When toys may not be relevant

We went out for breakfast today and headed to Jusco Wangsa Maju.
As usual Adib will 'pow' us something eventho bende tu harga for only rm1.
Then i decided to spend time at MPH since me also dah lama tak beli buku.

Before that , Adib requested for a Hot Wheel car and i just make a face to show disagree though.
Yes, Adib would be over the moon if he could get his hands on particular toys he really likes.*smile*

But, sometimes we parents may forget that there are so many other ways of keeping the kids happy, that doesn’t involve toys. I choose to buy a book. Much BetteR.

Ego- Beyoncé

Still Awake...

Still terkebil2 mata i decided to internet and google'ing.
Mata ni tak mengantuk la pulak..agak nye sbb tdo siang tadi..Actually i rarely tido siang nih
di sebabkan hari ni we stayed at home jer (sbb takutkan H1N1) itu yang terpaksa layan mata.

Both of my heroes dah berdengkur dah. Tp both mmg tdo lewat mlm ni..around 12.30 and Adib pulak masa nak tdo tadi suruh ajar dia writing..sempat lagi *wink*

Best nye tdo..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The facts of being married

This was my hubby's conversation with the guy who cut his hair the other day:

Guy: Oh, so you’re married already? *really surprised* You wouldn't have done it so early if you had the choice, would you?

Hubby: *smile* What do you mean ‘if I had the choice’? I did have a choice, and I chose to get married …

Guy: I mean, if you could turn back time, you wouldn’t get married so early, right? You have no freedom once you’re married!

It’s interesting how some people see marriage as being tied down, or worse, chained to the ground forever and ever. As if it’s ‘the beginning of the end of the world”.

I guess if you weren’t careful about choosing who you’re marrying, you would definitely feel that way. People say, if you enter a marriage with a view that it’ll always be happy and problem-free, you’ll end up getting disappointed.

And I do agree. In marriage, two different individuals are united. Two people from different backgrounds and many other factors. Frictions are inevitable. And they can tear you apart or glue you both together even stronger at the end of a resolved issue.

I believe that it all depends on how the couple deals with each friction.

It’s our 4th anniversary this year and we’re loving our moments as husband and wife. Yes, there are pebbles along our marriage path, there’s nothing that we can’t face and solve together. Really.

LAte UpDaTe - Malam NadA BiRU

It was great last Friday nite.

Me and Novee went off to Istana Budaya for Malam Nada Biru.

We had a great wonderful nite and hope will 'do' it again!!!

ps: Puan Novee tq so muchhhh

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am so lazy to do anything, cooking, reading, blogging etc. Still in zero mood.


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