Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The facts of being married

This was my hubby's conversation with the guy who cut his hair the other day:

Guy: Oh, so you’re married already? *really surprised* You wouldn't have done it so early if you had the choice, would you?

Hubby: *smile* What do you mean ‘if I had the choice’? I did have a choice, and I chose to get married …

Guy: I mean, if you could turn back time, you wouldn’t get married so early, right? You have no freedom once you’re married!

It’s interesting how some people see marriage as being tied down, or worse, chained to the ground forever and ever. As if it’s ‘the beginning of the end of the world”.

I guess if you weren’t careful about choosing who you’re marrying, you would definitely feel that way. People say, if you enter a marriage with a view that it’ll always be happy and problem-free, you’ll end up getting disappointed.

And I do agree. In marriage, two different individuals are united. Two people from different backgrounds and many other factors. Frictions are inevitable. And they can tear you apart or glue you both together even stronger at the end of a resolved issue.

I believe that it all depends on how the couple deals with each friction.

It’s our 4th anniversary this year and we’re loving our moments as husband and wife. Yes, there are pebbles along our marriage path, there’s nothing that we can’t face and solve together. Really.


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