Friday, May 29, 2009


Money in itself is neutral. It’s not evil. And it can be used both constructively and destructively.

The problem is, it is because of money that people do evil things. And such cases happen everywhere, everyday, every second.

Because of money, people are willing to look down on others, hurt the innocent, cheat on their best friends, sell away their kids and even kill their spouses.

The reality is, we ourselves may (easily) fall into this.

So let us learn to always remember to be THE master of our money, and not make money the master of our lives.

PS: learn from mistake

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i..We G.OT It!!!

Heeeeeheeeeeeehaaaaaa....dapat....Tq la laling...sanggup q pepanjang...Nak gi Old Trafford ntah bile la tgk dorang kat Bukit Jalil pun OK!!!

i..We G.OT It!!!

Hehe...suke giler sbb dah dapat dah aper yang ku idam kan

Makan Aper?

When He Talking About Future.

Yesterday, we were on the way to Adib's day care. So along the way, kite orang akan lalu area umah ni..mmg cantik and price pun mmg mahal la kan...

So Adib started the conversation with me.

Adib : mummy, cantik tak umah ni?

Me : Cantik.

Adib : Nape kite tak dok sini?

Me : Uiii mahal ni Adib, Mummy tak mampu.

Adib : Nanti Adib beli ye.

Me : Adib ader duit ker ?

Adib : Mummy ni, nanti Adib besar la, Adib beli umah cantik macam ni kat mummy.

Me : Owh..Adib nak beli umah kat mummy...kene blajar rajin2..jadik pandai..

Well, i know my son's growing and growing up. He's our ups and downs. Sometimes we as a parents learnt so many things from our kid. He's a Kid. And i know he our / my little Khalifah.
Sayang Adib.

Monday, May 25, 2009

EarLy PhotoGraPhY

Adib asked for our digital camera and take the photo (mummy and papa).
This photo was taken when we visited my SIL;s mum at Kuantan. (east coast mall)

I ve got today;s digital camera technology to thank for, because if we were still in film era, i dont think that our kids can explore an experiment with photography like adib did.

the result

* just LOVE iT *

first picture
I took it while standing straight up

second picture

Sunday, May 24, 2009

BZ weekeND

Semalam after balik dari opis we headed to Batu Pahat, my hubby's atok sakit.Even mmg penat sbb a whole week badan mmg rasa lemah and tak larat sangat, tapi have to jugak la. Sampai Batu Pahat dalam pukul 10.30, tired sangat and my son pun dah sleep ..dreamed away dah.(sian ..dah la kene marah sbb dalam keta tak dok diam.)

OK, so hari ni we headed back to KL pulak, in urgently sbb i received a text from my bestfren told that waterbeg dah pecah, she's going to deliver and her pregnancy just about 34 weeks!! I was so worried!! And prayed that nothing bad happen.

Sampai Tawakal Hospital around 9.15pm and dia dah delivered pun, a baby boy ok. So lepak situ dalam kol 11 lebih baru balik umah.

Even i felt so tired and tired and tired, tapi happy. And tmrw we will go to Kuantan to visit my SIL's mom yang sakit.

ps : doakan orang yang sakit cepat sembuh
doakan orang yang baru dapat baby : jaga baby bebaik. Anak itu satu anugerah.

me and nan

Thursday, May 21, 2009

He's Not In GooD MO.oD

Adib' fav activity before go to sleep

A few days ni Adib really not in good mood.
I do not really know why.and i keep asking everyday why is Adib so silent and
your face not happy like always. But he just said nothing and "Adib Penat".
When he said that nothing happened and Adib penat, i feel so worried coz,
Adib is a little bit (little bit ker) active jugak la, usually when we reached home,
Adib will play his cars, BEN 10 or sometimes we talk about his day and mine.
I do miss his fav question ' Mummy, seronok tak work hari ni?'. For others info,
he really cared about me, he knows when his mummy sad or down.
He will tell the story what was happened at his skool or nursery.

Today i'm really worried of him that he just sitting at a corner and 'termenung'
like something he tried to hide from us.

Now his papa trying to get Adib feel happy, they are playing Grid PS3.
And me and hubby planned to buy a special gift to him tmrw. To cheer up his mood.

PS: mummy tak suke la Adib bad mood..senyap umah..

Sunday, May 17, 2009


When we know the ‘price we need to pay’ for doing something and yet we still are willing to do it, it’s called 'sacrifice'.

On the other hand, when we know all the consequences that come from doing something, and we still do it while thinking of ourselves as pityful and helpless in the situation, then we in this case see ourselves as a ‘victim’.

In reality, many Moms see themselves (and their role as a Wife and a Mom) as one of the two above.

Some feel that children ‘rob’ them off their ‘freedom’. And when this mindset develops further, the Mom then goes on complaining and feeling sorry for herself and the situation she’s in.

Often, she ends up feeling she’s the ‘victim’ who deserves other people’s full attention, understanding and sympathy.

And there are those who see their role as a Mom a once-in-a-lifetime privilege. They perform their ‘duties’ willingly, knowing and accepting the consequences, responsibilities and ‘burdens’ that automatically come with the role.

The role of a Wife and a Mom is not an easy one.

But I guess, the important question now is, what type of a Mom and a Wife are we?

It is only when we take some time to introspect and realise the type of mindset we now have that we can learn to work on ourselves and become an even better Mom and Wife.

Black anD WhItE

Saturday, May 16, 2009

eaR.Ly FrienDShi.P

These pictures was taken by my fren (myja's mama) bout 3 years ago.
Adib at this time was 5 or 6 months. Adib's just started to get his meal
like rice porridge, puree, and rusks and really liked to play with the circle thingy like balls and plastic cups too.

So cute watching babies / kids play. *smile*.

One would pull or push another's hand, to fight to get what he/she needs.

Like Adib, he didn't have so many frens ou there, coz me also not have a friends who get married at that time. Well,making early friendship makes our kid/s feel grow up,
comfortable, independents and confident. I think it’s when we start comparing photos of how our kids look like today and how they looked like before that we’d feel amazed at how fast they’ve grown! (i will make an appointment with mama myja to take new pic with myja and adib)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mom to Be Yang DeGil!!

Semalam we headed to Tawakal Hospital.

One of my great fren kene admitted. Sbb nye degil..
Suke berjalan sana sini. Kata orang kalau banyak jalan senang bersalin.
So i guest dia ni mmg terlalu banyak berjalan.
She just preggy about 32 weeks, and her baby in a belly dah tak
sabar nak keluar..ader small contraction. Pity nan.

From top : Adib yang tak tau malu-nak orang suap kan makan,
mak buyung yang degil, me and nan

PS : i will always pray for u, everythings will be ok! InsyaAllah.Amin

What are contractions during pregnancy?

They are called Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are basically your uterus "practicing" for when it's time to give birth. They're irregular in their timing, and they aren't usually painful, but they can be strong. They're can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when you have a particularly tight "contraction." I would think that to have them at 9 wks would be a good reason to call the doctor, especially if you are cramping or spotting. You shouldn't begin having these Braxton-Hicks contractions until at least 5-6 months of pregnancy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

StoP ComPAr.INg - STaRT CoUnt.iNg OuR BleSS.INgs

>> Do not demand and expect other people to do things FOR you. Instead, demand highly of yourself in everything that you do, to self or to others.

>> We all go through bitterness and sufferings in life. And yes, God may allow them to happen to us. The most important thing though is not the suffering itself, but what we learn from it. Our response to the experience itself. We become wiser as a person only if we learn from our life’s experiences.

>> When we compare ourselves to others, we’ll tend to focus on how ‘their grass is greener than ours’, on how theirs seems ‘better’ than ours. We focus on ourselves and we often are led to feel that our situation is THE worst in the ‘world’.

This, unfortunately, will only lead to us complaining about everything.

Let’s learn to count our blessings instead, and focus on the lessons we should’ve learned from whatever experiences God allows us to encounter in life.

The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience.


Malam sabtu after went out with my fren and her doter, we headed to AU2 to have our dinner.
Makan kat Johnny's, dah lama tak makan steamboat.
After had our makan..we lepak at taman kat depan Jusco tu.Ramai jugak orang , maybe weekend kot, even masa tu pun dah around 10.30.
I do love to bring Adib ke tempat2 camni, he can run and jump suke hati..hehe
And at that day, Adib had so much fun.

Around 11 we headed back to home.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Day With ..

And the day with lovely Damia and her mommy end up with great happiness.
Dah lama sangat tak hang out with my novee ni together.

Here are some freezing moment with them.

Aper la Adib jeling tu.. :)

Damia tengah bz nih...(budak baru 'dpt kaki'

Budak yang kepenatan.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?
She is more precious than rubies.

She carefully watches everything in her household
and suffers nothing from laziness.

Her children stand and bless her.
Her husband praises her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When My Kid Plan For His Future

I was on the way going back to home. And Adib's started the conversation.

Adib : mummy, best tak pergi work?

Me : Errr, best, why Adib tanya? Do you love to work?

Adib : Adib nak keje. Adib nak gi work.

Me : Good. Tapi adib have to go to skool.

Adib : *smile* ok mummy.

Me : Adib besar nanti nak jadi aper?

Adib : Doktor.

Me : *smile* then u must study hard.

Adib : ok mummy.

Me : Nape Adib nak jadi doktor?

Adib : Nanti bile mummy and papa sakit Adib boleh cek mummy and papa (then he put his hand at my head..he said mummy tak demam )

Me : *smile*

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where We Live..Where We Love

Just wanna share, the story and something that really make me down ( for a few second jer)
Actually, it happened for a few months ago.

One of my fren came to our home and i really can't forget the words came out from her mouth.

The conversation started like this:

she : zura, i can't believe that u staying a home like this, at this kampung la.

me : *smiled*

she : zura pindah la..malu jer dok sini. Ko tak malu ker?

me : (she really make me i just said..well A**A,
aku suke rumah aku ni, even kat kg pun. At least aku tak merempat
and at least aku mampu bagi anak aku tinggal kat umah.

she : tak der la..malu la, aku tak nak la datang..susah lak tu nak cari umah ko.

me : *smiled*

Dalam hati, adui..kalau la my hubby dengar mmg dia halau jer minah ni.
So just diam jer la.

Well, i admit i do not love lifestyle here, mmg kampung but i do love my neighbour
(kind) tak menyebok even dok kg.(tp ader gak orang blkg umah ni suka maki hamun anak dia)

But, living in Malaysia is so lucky..compared to other countries.
My fren told me that living at Singapore is like living in a bricks Lego!!.
But what makes a home is not the structure or the areas that surround it,
it is what inside, the family, the warmth, the love, the happiness, the bond between one and

I'm happy our family live in what we called HOME!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

and The WeeKenD is Over!!(part2)

Climbing *smile*
Still remember how he tried very hard to climb when he just 2.5 years.
Sadly i don't have the picca. *sad*


* ouR SHaDows - Mummy and Adib*

*bile mummy getting old, adib pulak carry mummy ye..* *smile*

*KLCC_Palm Tree_KL Tower*
Human made_Allah made_Human Made *thinking*

The Kites

*looks like kites Festival - mat salleh pun ader*

Adib wat aper tu?
Adib jakun tgk kemuncup..*tau ker?*

A nice weekend.

It’s always nice to stop and take the time to appreciate life’s little hidden beauties.

Because our little ones will, when we ourselves stop and let them too.

and The WeeKenD is Over!!

We went to Taman Kepong for playing kite. Adib really loves it.
Memang ramai sangat orang..act kat sini every weekend mmg ramai orang datang for kites,gym,jog,walk and ader bas- mini bus yang bawak pusing2 taman.
But sadly taman ni dah a little bit tak terjaga.rumput pun dah panjang!! *sad*. I do really love a park at Singapore, eventhou i've never been there, i love to surf about Kota Singa. With the nice and clean place. Hopefully will be there someday.*smile*
But here, I think this is a gud way to spend more time with family and taking some shots for our "freezing memories".

Here's some shots.

OUt anD AboUT : prt2

adib making fren *smile*

Here's a few shots, while we're going to oUt n AbOuT last Friday.
We had a great day out today!

Adib AnD BEN 10

For the being time aDiB really LOVE to watch BEN 10.
And, act. last month he requested for the 'cake BEN 10', when he saw the pamphlets, at that time three of us were having a dinner at SR.

So last Wednesday we went to SR to order the 'cake BEN 10'

Here we go..THE BEN 10 Cake!!!

Mommy's Little Helper

My big little kid he
lping mommy.

Start simple, aim big, perhaps?*smile*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

OUt anD AboUT

Three of us went out and about to JJ kepong on Mei 1st (jj jer) many people there esp chinese (sbb kat situ mmg area chinese).

ps : why these pics?
Adib holding our hands that he will know someday, how
he really needs us.

ps 1 : to be continued


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