Sunday, May 3, 2009

and The WeeKenD is Over!!(part2)

Climbing *smile*
Still remember how he tried very hard to climb when he just 2.5 years.
Sadly i don't have the picca. *sad*


* ouR SHaDows - Mummy and Adib*

*bile mummy getting old, adib pulak carry mummy ye..* *smile*

*KLCC_Palm Tree_KL Tower*
Human made_Allah made_Human Made *thinking*

The Kites

*looks like kites Festival - mat salleh pun ader*

Adib wat aper tu?
Adib jakun tgk kemuncup..*tau ker?*

A nice weekend.

It’s always nice to stop and take the time to appreciate life’s little hidden beauties.

Because our little ones will, when we ourselves stop and let them too.

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