Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When My Kid Plan For His Future

I was on the way going back to home. And Adib's started the conversation.

Adib : mummy, best tak pergi work?

Me : Errr, best, why Adib tanya? Do you love to work?

Adib : Adib nak keje. Adib nak gi work.

Me : Good. Tapi adib have to go to skool.

Adib : *smile* ok mummy.

Me : Adib besar nanti nak jadi aper?

Adib : Doktor.

Me : *smile* then u must study hard.

Adib : ok mummy.

Me : Nape Adib nak jadi doktor?

Adib : Nanti bile mummy and papa sakit Adib boleh cek mummy and papa (then he put his hand at my head..he said mummy tak demam )

Me : *smile*

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