Sunday, May 3, 2009

and The WeeKenD is Over!!

We went to Taman Kepong for playing kite. Adib really loves it.
Memang ramai sangat orang..act kat sini every weekend mmg ramai orang datang for kites,gym,jog,walk and ader bas- mini bus yang bawak pusing2 taman.
But sadly taman ni dah a little bit tak terjaga.rumput pun dah panjang!! *sad*. I do really love a park at Singapore, eventhou i've never been there, i love to surf about Kota Singa. With the nice and clean place. Hopefully will be there someday.*smile*
But here, I think this is a gud way to spend more time with family and taking some shots for our "freezing memories".

Here's some shots.

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