Saturday, May 16, 2009

eaR.Ly FrienDShi.P

These pictures was taken by my fren (myja's mama) bout 3 years ago.
Adib at this time was 5 or 6 months. Adib's just started to get his meal
like rice porridge, puree, and rusks and really liked to play with the circle thingy like balls and plastic cups too.

So cute watching babies / kids play. *smile*.

One would pull or push another's hand, to fight to get what he/she needs.

Like Adib, he didn't have so many frens ou there, coz me also not have a friends who get married at that time. Well,making early friendship makes our kid/s feel grow up,
comfortable, independents and confident. I think it’s when we start comparing photos of how our kids look like today and how they looked like before that we’d feel amazed at how fast they’ve grown! (i will make an appointment with mama myja to take new pic with myja and adib)


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