Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where We Live..Where We Love

Just wanna share, the story and something that really make me down ( for a few second jer)
Actually, it happened for a few months ago.

One of my fren came to our home and i really can't forget the words came out from her mouth.

The conversation started like this:

she : zura, i can't believe that u staying a home like this, at this area...so kampung la.

me : *smiled*

she : zura pindah la..malu jer dok sini. Ko tak malu ker?

me : (she really make me hot..hot..) i just said..well A**A,
aku suke rumah aku ni, even kat kg pun. At least aku tak merempat
and at least aku mampu bagi anak aku tinggal kat umah.

she : tak der la..malu la, aku tak nak la datang..susah lak tu nak cari umah ko.

me : *smiled*

Dalam hati, adui..kalau la my hubby dengar mmg dia halau jer minah ni.
So just diam jer la.

Well, i admit i do not love lifestyle here, mmg kampung but i do love my neighbour
(kind) tak menyebok even dok kg.(tp ader gak orang blkg umah ni suka maki hamun anak dia)

But, living in Malaysia is so lucky..so lucky..compared to other countries.
My fren told me that living at Singapore is like living in a bricks Lego!!.
But what makes a home is not the structure or the areas that surround it,
it is what inside, the family, the warmth, the love, the happiness, the bond between one and

I'm happy our family live in what we called HOME!!


n.o.v.e.e jahari said...

cantiklaaa rumoh mung nih.. aku suko.. ore hok xdok rumoh jah hok x appreciate ore laing hok ado rumoh! :)

juliana C.J said...

bila nk ajak mke nasik?

eli said...

meme..come jah umoh
n u got 2 cars..!! ?? ;)))
sokmo rendoh diri dio gak huhuhuhuu

mummy a.d.i.b said...

biaso jah k.eli.:), umoh sewo jer.n ore meme rendoh pung.hehhehe


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