Thursday, May 21, 2009

He's Not In GooD MO.oD

Adib' fav activity before go to sleep

A few days ni Adib really not in good mood.
I do not really know why.and i keep asking everyday why is Adib so silent and
your face not happy like always. But he just said nothing and "Adib Penat".
When he said that nothing happened and Adib penat, i feel so worried coz,
Adib is a little bit (little bit ker) active jugak la, usually when we reached home,
Adib will play his cars, BEN 10 or sometimes we talk about his day and mine.
I do miss his fav question ' Mummy, seronok tak work hari ni?'. For others info,
he really cared about me, he knows when his mummy sad or down.
He will tell the story what was happened at his skool or nursery.

Today i'm really worried of him that he just sitting at a corner and 'termenung'
like something he tried to hide from us.

Now his papa trying to get Adib feel happy, they are playing Grid PS3.
And me and hubby planned to buy a special gift to him tmrw. To cheer up his mood.

PS: mummy tak suke la Adib bad mood..senyap umah..


The Bride` said...

Nape adib? try la korek2.. aku pun tak suke kalau budak kecik mcm tu.. must be sumting bothering him...

mummy a.d.i.b said...

tu la ..pelik la..dia makan pun senyap jer...tak main..tgk tv pun diam..salu kalau tgk tv dia pun bercerita skali...naper ek nan?dah ku korek..tapi masih hampa...:(
*mummy adib sedih bile anak mummy sedih*

juliana C.J said...

kot2 dia kn buli kot kt skolah,tnyaah ckgu2 dia wak,


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