Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mom to Be Yang DeGil!!

Semalam we headed to Tawakal Hospital.

One of my great fren kene admitted. Sbb nye degil..
Suke berjalan sana sini. Kata orang kalau banyak jalan senang bersalin.
So i guest dia ni mmg terlalu banyak berjalan.
She just preggy about 32 weeks, and her baby in a belly dah tak
sabar nak keluar..ader small contraction. Pity nan.

From top : Adib yang tak tau malu-nak orang suap kan makan,
mak buyung yang degil, me and nan

PS : i will always pray for u, everythings will be ok! InsyaAllah.Amin

What are contractions during pregnancy?

They are called Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are basically your uterus "practicing" for when it's time to give birth. They're irregular in their timing, and they aren't usually painful, but they can be strong. They're can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when you have a particularly tight "contraction." I would think that to have them at 9 wks would be a good reason to call the doctor, especially if you are cramping or spotting. You shouldn't begin having these Braxton-Hicks contractions until at least 5-6 months of pregnancy.


The Bride` said...

I dont look like org tgh preggy... mcm dah lepas bersalin je..huhuhu...

mummy a.d.i.b said...

betul la nan...act ko look like baru pas deliver..


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