Friday, May 29, 2009


Money in itself is neutral. It’s not evil. And it can be used both constructively and destructively.

The problem is, it is because of money that people do evil things. And such cases happen everywhere, everyday, every second.

Because of money, people are willing to look down on others, hurt the innocent, cheat on their best friends, sell away their kids and even kill their spouses.

The reality is, we ourselves may (easily) fall into this.

So let us learn to always remember to be THE master of our money, and not make money the master of our lives.

PS: learn from mistake


n.o.v.e.e jahari said...

any particular sebab entry ni ditulis?

mummy a.d.i.b said...

yup....:)..for someone...hope dio baco...

n.o.v.e.e jahari said...



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