Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When He Talking About Future.

Yesterday, we were on the way to Adib's day care. So along the way, kite orang akan lalu area umah ni..mmg cantik and price pun mmg mahal la kan...

So Adib started the conversation with me.

Adib : mummy, cantik tak umah ni?

Me : Cantik.

Adib : Nape kite tak dok sini?

Me : Uiii mahal ni Adib, Mummy tak mampu.

Adib : Nanti Adib beli ye.

Me : Adib ader duit ker ?

Adib : Mummy ni, nanti Adib besar la, Adib beli umah cantik macam ni kat mummy.

Me : Owh..Adib nak beli umah kat mummy...kene blajar rajin2..jadik pandai..

Well, i know my son's growing and growing up. He's our ups and downs. Sometimes we as a parents learnt so many things from our kid. He's a Kid. And i know he our / my little Khalifah.
Sayang Adib.

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