Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Wedding

I must say that everybody waiting for this Fairytale story..Prince Williams and Kate get together.
Everyone keep update their tweets, facebook..and I must say that Kate is so lovely with beautiful gown and white veil. The Love of The Ring was so simple as I liked it the most.
And was so excited when saw my fav footballer ever, David Beckham and Posh, and our Sultan and Sultanah.
Well, I must say that, when saw Kate, its reminiscingme to Late Princess Diana, with her lovely smile and 'muka yang soft je'.
Deep inside his heart, he really wants his mother to see his big day in his life.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Novee's angels birthday bash!

Last saturday we attended such a lovely and beautiful birthday party, novee's angels birthday party, Damia -3yrs and Tihany -1yr.
It was such agreat party with polkadots theme, pink and green polkas.
I must tell, Novee and Acap's party never spoil and always great in food. A great taste of lamb grilled, roti jala with kuah durian, laksam, satay, cream puff, fruit tarts, and many many moreeee!
I was arrived at novee's placed a bit early to help out apa yang patut, at that time the event planner still managed to finish out her decos. I must tell that Atul was so great and amazing. I love all the stuff. Most lovely the candies part. Sooooo lovelyyy i tell u.
It was a great party to meet some friends. I love it much.

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