Saturday, April 16, 2011

Novee's angels birthday bash!

Last saturday we attended such a lovely and beautiful birthday party, novee's angels birthday party, Damia -3yrs and Tihany -1yr.
It was such agreat party with polkadots theme, pink and green polkas.
I must tell, Novee and Acap's party never spoil and always great in food. A great taste of lamb grilled, roti jala with kuah durian, laksam, satay, cream puff, fruit tarts, and many many moreeee!
I was arrived at novee's placed a bit early to help out apa yang patut, at that time the event planner still managed to finish out her decos. I must tell that Atul was so great and amazing. I love all the stuff. Most lovely the candies part. Sooooo lovelyyy i tell u.
It was a great party to meet some friends. I love it much.

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