Saturday, May 8, 2010


Kecik dulu slalu nyanyi lagu ni kan :

Engkaulah ratu hatiku..
Bilaku berduka..
Engkau hiburkan selalu..
Engkaulah ratu hatiku..

Selamat hari ibu..buat ibu ku puan norizan daud.

H ave no fear, for love is all around you.
A ll come helpless from a common womb.
P erhaps you do not know that love surrounds you.
P erhaps you do not know that you’re in bloom.
Y et mothers, too, are children, ever loved,
M inded by the living and the dead,
O ld enough to give, as time has proved,
T he need no less, though time and tears have fled.
H ave faith that love’s a mystic tide that flows
E qually to and from the heart,
R eturning, turning as it comes and goes,
‘ Mid moon and moon your sea, your song, your art.
S ing, then, of this moment of your giving,
D eep within the ebb and flow of living.
A ll you feel is what was felt for you,
Y earning your own yearning will renew.

1 comment:

Miss Little Myza said...

happy mom's day aunty..bila nak bwk adib date ngan myza nih..


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