Tuesday, March 15, 2011

piece of life

A was sitting at the stairs at LRT Gombak, waiting for my BIL and SIL to pick me up back to my home.*my hubby was out station*.
My eyes pointing at one malay boy, I think he is around 8 or 9..based on his body. I saw him open from one to one dustbin...and looking for what we call ' as long as it give food' - canes!! My heart so touched. He opened and looking and took out the 'sampah' and took the canes and put in his plastic bag...a big black plastic bag. And when I was sitting looking to him, one guy beside me was drinking his Coke and that kid seems liked waiting this guy to finish his drink. Than after, around 5 minutes, that guy *i guess wanna throw his cane* moved to dustbin, and the kid came to the guy said like this -- abang,bagi saya...
When I heard that, I just like to cry...oh my god...!! How this kid,this small little kid hardly to have some money. Then..after he got his canes...I saw him cycled his bicycle *as I saw,we definitely will buy new one to our kid*.
To you, life is hard to be easy. But as I saw you, you make me wake up. And I pray for you, that you will get better life.

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