Thursday, March 31, 2011

our six anniversary

i supposed to update my anniversary story almost 1 month back..tapi i have not enough time to update my blog. but alhamdulillah...we have been together for 6years on 11032011!! yes its tough, rough, ups and downs, big and small, smile and cries, happy and sad, tears and joys, and all everythings we have been through together . one year back there are so many tears so many hard time to face. but alhamdulillah... thank you Allah...we faced it. being husband and wife,being parent is not easy for us. but we tried to manage our life with Adib beautifully and colorful. :-)
sharing life,sharing our favvy together is really enough for with me to watch AFC channel, picking up my cloth, watch football together, MUFC, bbm-ing, having breakfast before to work, talking about the paper we read, watching dvds,and so many things.
and just wanna say..
I do love you so much...thank you for being with me when everyone was leaving...:-)

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