Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sit 'N' Play

Last week papa promised to buy Adib a 'adiah'.
Sbb dah lama tak beli kan dia something.
Selalu nye memang saya akan belikan Hor Wheel car tp rasa nye tu tak boleh
dipanggil 'adiah' sbb every time pergi Jusco we will buy a small car tu that cost rm6.90..(depends on the size and theme)

So, since Adib loves coloring and drawing (even the 'picture' yang dia doodle tu kite pun tak paham) but i like support what he liked. And the gift is "Sit n Play Activity Set" which Adib get a crayon and scissor and a activity book for coloring and drawing owh !! plus a few stickers from Disney Pixar Characters.

Actually, ada lagi satu set (mcm ni jugak - activity like coloring, drawing tapi Bob Tha Builder punyer.) i'll post later.

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