Saturday, October 31, 2009

What We Do - Learn It

Whether we like it not, as parents, we represent honesty and truth for our children.

What we do will be copied by them.

When we face difficulties and choose to not deal with the problem but find easy ’shortcuts’ as a way out instead, then our kids who observe it all will learn and think that THAT is the way they should solve their problems as well.

As parents raise their children, these little ones see the way their parents live and carry out their lives. The way they express their anger and joy. The way they handle problems within the family and with the outside world.

Children learn from what we do, not really that much from what we say.

We are (unconsciously) the example for our children.

So yes, it’s not easy being a parent.

But. Let us all continually learn to live our life in ways that can be a blessing to our little ones, and those around.

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