Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super Duper Busy dah lama sangat rasanya tak bersosial kat blog nih..or kat facebook..hehe..well..super duper busy sbb banyak sngt nak kene buat..with my new part time job..yang mmg interesting plus banyak bende nak kene belajar, plus with the class yang byk nak kene attend, n me ..sendiri pun tak der masa with Adib..tapi nak kaya n senang kene banyak berkorban ..betul tak...? *smile*

And at this time my hubby still at office yang suppose we have to go to Pantai Ampang Medical sbb nak visit my bos wife..she's under bad condition with 'CANCER'.
Nak stry about her..i think she's really strong..hope u will be stronger and stronger.

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