Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our LittLE Four - Soon!!

I was browsing all my pictures and eyes on the picture above when Adib just about 3 months old.
Where time flies so fast..and i do miss Adib when he's a baby.
Now he's growing up, and i think he's an independent person, hopefully, I must say, he’s a cheerful boy, but he needs time to warm up to strangers. He asks LOTS of questions. He’s into analyzing what he sees and hears.

i can see he choose his clothes by himself, wearing shoes, to have a plain water, button up his shirt, and he's a little bit choosy (dont like to wear overall- he said this is to kid - think he's big enuff).*smile*

Always helping me to serve the table for lunch or dinner, he knows that he should wipe off a table, put the glasses and plates and i know he liked to see me in baju kurung, wearing pink, know my fav's movies. He knows what my types actually. He just too close to me. He will be sad when I'm standing sad, happy for what makes me happy. He is in me..And me in my little son..Adib.

And i love enjoying my moment with him. I cant wait to hug him after working, listen to his stories, about his teacher, frens, dance, singing, cars..and very happy when we give a present even though it just a thing that we bought from oil station.*sigh*
And so I’ve been trying to teach him how he needs to learn and think about others more than himself.

Since the beginning of the year, he’s gone through phases where he was VERY rude in his replies and attitude towards me.

He’d stomp his feet, walk out as I was giving a serious talk, roll his eyes and look away, scream at my face, refuse to be with me, frown and look at me straight in the eye rebelliously.

There were times when I was furious. Lost for words. Completely heart-broken. Helpless.

And I pray double hard for God’s wisdom when such moments happen, because I consciously never want my emotions take control of my words and actions. Really, while I work out how to best discipline him in such cases, I never want to burst into irrational anger, and regret it all afterwards.

It’s tough. And I sure had my share of parenting mistakes.

In the past 3.7 years, Adib and I have gone through lots of ups and downs together. There were times when I struggled to put my impatience and anger under control. Times when he’s very unhappy with my decisions too, I’m sure.

But Adib, if you’re reading this many years from today, know this:

Things may not always be easy for Mommy and Papa, but as I always say to you, we love you not because you’re a good boy. You may be good and obedient one day, and you may be disrespectful and rude on another. We love you just the same. And Allah loves you even more than we do.

Whenever you misbehave, we feel sad about it. God has given you to us as a wonderful little gift close to 3.7 years ago and it’s because we love you so much that we must be hard on you at times, and discipline you in order to teach you what is right and wrong.

I too am learning. As your Mommy, I learn to do and say what’s right. I learn to live out my beliefs and principles as consistently as possible.

You’re a gift. You teach us things about life more than you ever know.

And we love you. More than you ever know.

Children cry.

Children whine.

Children demand and their persistent disobedience is mind-numbing.


When children smile.

When children run to you for a big hug.

When children ask for you to be by their side so they don’t feel alone.

We too as parents can smile and feel loved.

And be thankful for having been entrusted by God with these precious little children.

And such moments indeed are some of the many more reasons why we should love life with children. Everyday.

ps: mummy loves adib


n.o.v.e.e jahari said...

oh.. i almost cried! and i'm gonna go thru the same thing (almost) when damia dah grown up... i guess semo parents ake go thru bendo2 ginila ke.. errrmm...

mummy a.d.i.b said...

yup...aku rase seme org face bende ni means parents..its hard act kan..kan..?

- tety - said...

adib makin hensem + macho!!!


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