Sunday, October 10, 2010


We were planned to go to Kuantan for wedding n visit new branch at Kuantan.
But then my hubby had suddenly cancelled because a lot of work to do n need to meet client.
Then me either felt like uncomfortable, so we decided to stay at home yesterday.
And last nite, adib suddenly get a fever, but the temp no so high.
So, I just gave him a medicine so that he could be better coz today we've planned to bring him to Sunway Lagoon or Desa Waterpark. So, after he woke up this morning his body become warmer, and we just planned to go to GE. Back from GE, his temp getting high...and now at 530pm..we are waiting for papa to bring him to clinic...pity adib..
And me, so not happy when he...who always play, talk, run, scream, suddenly make homey become silent...
Adib...please get well soon....mummy loves u dear...

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Anonymous said...

get well soon adib.


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