Monday, May 23, 2011

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My home. A story about my home sweet home. And I wish one fine day Adib and my future kids will read this story.
My early life with lovely hubby started with a called-a-flat house at Greenwood. It was so called home sweet home even that was not a dream house. But I must say, it was all beautiful memories grown up together. The place where my tummy get bigger, the place we celebrate your first birthday Adib. When Adib started grew up, me and hubby decide to rent new house, for your information kid, we tried to provide and give u a better place to live even we cannot buy a so-called-dream-house.
Me and hubby went out to find a place/house to move with. And luckily, we found this house, the house we live now. It is landed rent house, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom, a bigger kitchen than before and a own porch. But still we live in village area, may be its comfortable to me and hubby. We painted our house with soft, very soft pink and purple. So lovely for me. Adib grew up most in this house. From 1yr and 10m till now, adib now is 5y and 5m and 15d. This the house you know your ABC, you know 123, the place you know how to read, a place where you have your own room to play. This is the place where I put our pictures in frames, where you,me and papa can see we always been together, and me, love to see our freeze memories together. The place we watching our favourite movie together, the place when we share our broken heart, our happy things, a place we hugs each other cried out loud. This is the place where we talks and sharing memories with frens, a place to cook for our favvy. This is the place. And even this is not our permanent place, but we have to know, we have a place to live. And no matter where we live, I really really want to be with all of you, and be with my hubby even the hair get grey or white, and even we are 99 years old! No matter we live,just be lucky and grateful.

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