Saturday, June 4, 2011

Its school holiday

Well, Adib is in school holiday, so we have no plan for a vacation since i am a new in susahla nak dapat cuti. But i've managed to take a two days leave as i promised to my sister and Adib as well to ' balik kampung', Adib preferred to be with his tok ma and tok bah than went to vacay actually, but i will bring him somewhere, promise you.
So we decided to go to our lovely hometown, kelate, where i said the nicest place to eat a lot of food, sampai ada yang tak sempat nak makan.
Mum's food definately the greatest la. Nasi kerabu,daging bakar, solok ikan memang marvelous la. I love most when we went to the beach and makan so many seafood and keropok lekor there. Sambil chit im homesick. Since my adik went to rumah tu dah sunyi sikit la...tak de dah suara dia pagi pagi nak mengusik adib, and bergaduh berebut ikan goreng and daging goreng kering favvy kitaorg...
Sometimes i was thinking that i want to settle down to my home town, where the place i feel so peaceful, i want to cari makan kat sana, some other said, kelantan gaji murah, susah kerja, i dont think so, there is a lot of rezeki kalau kita usaha.

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