Monday, June 4, 2012


I learned SO much. And I just have to share it with everyone.
Time is Life. How we make use of our life will depend on the length of lifetime on earth that God gives to each of us (ie. we can’t choose to live life longer than what’s been given to us).

When we’ve been given an extra year, what do we do with our life? What do we do with the extra time given?

We ourselves decide on how we live our lives and every single thing that we do in life will one day be judged by God. We will be held accountable and responsible for the way we live our own life.
Time is a Record. What we do during our lifetime is recorded and people DO get to know about our life, even if we no longer live.

Time is an Opportunity. We often don’t realise the importance of opportunity and time. We often put in more time and effort for something that’s of less importance and neglect things / aspects in life that actually have greater value.

Sometimes we hear people say, ‘Ah … if only I learned about it a few years ago’. Or, ‘How I wish I did it earlier…’

We often waste our time and opportunity presented to us, only to realise the importance of it later, when it’s already too late.

In order to see how dirty our face is (so that we can clean it), we need a reflective object, eg. a mirror. And this is the only way to see ourselves. Someone can tell us how dirty our face is, but we cannot see our own face unless we see our reflection in the mirror.

And it’s the same with our life. We need an ‘object’ so that we can ’self-reflect’ and ‘clean up’.
God’s Word in the Bible is like a mirror. It lets us see our imperfections, our faults, our sins, and all aspects in our life that need changing and improving. It is only after we know more about ourselves that we know what to clean up and change.

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