Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Unupdate Story (Novee's angels birthday party)

It was a few back months story...tapi masa tu malas tahap gaban nak update blog bagai..

Back to story...i has been booked by Novee for a few months before the party...yes...cause she knows that i like the most about party and deco thingy...well, i took one day leave to settle a few things before the party..it was one day before party. My hubs hantar ke rumah Novee around 10.30...then we moved to Melawati sebab nak beli a few things yang tak cukup. So berkampung sehari di rumah Novee ...hehe..

And the day had come...

I reached at wangsa Walk earlier than others...owh...this party has been held kat FullHouse WangsaWalk...memang sesuai la tempat ni buat party kena la ngan concept yang Novee buat...its purple theme and white theme for Full House is soooo wonderful outcome.

Well, the day was great, party was great, food was great...friends always great...
Novee did a great job.

So i let pictures speak!


i love this the most!


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