Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday nye cite...

Well, yesterday as usual la cleaned up rumah after a week tak mopping and basuh baju.
Btw semalam mmg rajin sikit masak nasik lemak with sambal udang and ayam goreng.

After settled all the my full time jobs *smile* , my hubby said we just lepak kat rumah jer la..and i've decided to update a few stories and facebooking. Tapi dah petang sikit mmg kaki ni tak leh nak stay kat umah , so i asked my hubby to go to OU, Damansara (kire tempat fav la sbb kat situ kan seme ader, kalau klcc tu al maklum la..) on the way tu Adib asked to go to KL tower, since nothing to do, and we're not in rushing, so we headed to Bukit Nenas..nak tgk KL Tower ( and me also neber been there ) tak naik pun ..just tgk gitu jer..and i just wished to try 'flying fox' tapi by the time nak reg tu dorang dah close dah..tak per i will come again week maybe..*smile*

Then dalam half an hour kat situ KL TOWER) ktorg headed to Damansara OU. Adib nak beli kasut skolah and CARS character's, me - nak beli kasut and nak jeans,..seme dah macam balut nangka...hehhe..

Around 7.30 we headed back to home. And we got a call....have to go to Johor

Adib with his new car

Requested by himself to snap his picture.

This picca was snapped by mybiglittle kid - not bad kan?


- tety - said...

syok tuh... leh g jenjalan + soping!!!

mummy a.d.i.b said...

huhu..balik letih tak hengat...


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