Thursday, August 4, 2011

Children judge from what they heard and watch!

As Adib growing up and think a lot...he simply learn from what he watch, what he heard and he judge.
There are so many situation and questions i have to faced and answer. Even when we watch the tv or went out for somewhere, he simply asked and judged!

Situation 1

Adib: mummy...papa hisap rokok..

Mummy: tak good kan Adib...?

Adib: tu la papa ni...tak tengok ke kat kotak rokok?

Then what papa or mummy shud tell him...? He already knew that smoking is not good for health as he look at the cigar box himself!

Situation 2

Adib: mummy....ada budak cakap Adib bangang..bangang tu apa mummy?

Mummy : bangang tu bad word Adib, Adib jangan cakap macam tu...Allah marah.

Adib : kenapa kakak tu cakap bad word? Dia kan dah besar..

Then, who should be blame?
I can't control my kid to not heard any bad word or even speak bad word. I am pretty sure that 'kakak' s mom already teach 'kakak' to speak in good word, or speak polite to others...

Actually there are so many situations...even Adib knew who likes him and who don't. He can recognize it. He can tell me who scold him, who don't want to play with him...

Yup..saya pun tak mengharapkan that my son to be loved muchy much...tapi dia kid...even kid...he still has a feeling...heart feeling...he has own word to describe people to decsribe his friends.

Yes...i know Adib a bit slow from other kids..membaca pun masih merangkak2..but he is my kid...kalau bukan myself who protect him, then who?

Sometimes, my hubby and i, just want to stay at home or hang out to the mall than meet others..or go to others place..sbb my son ni suka lari..suka for me..he just running as a kid...u all tak pernah jadi budak eh?
And sometimes i have to scold him, because i can see people feel so uncomfortable or rasa my kid ni merimaskan...or else, for me tu yang malas nak bawak Adib pergi rumah orang...*wink*

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