Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadhan and Syawal

Me and a few friends just tweeting about raya's preparation..
As for me now..there are so many things yang belum beli...yup..belum beli!
Some others dah siap semua dah...huhu..
Even before fasting there's a lot SALE!! Isetan..sogo..but me and hubby didn't manage to go..sbb tau mmg ramai orangggg!! Even my sis in law have to go to work on last Saturday, she said people started to queue from 8 am...and the mall just only open on 10...kan...? Oh my...that is so not me and hubby...huhu..
So for raya..i think we will start ..errrmm..don't know when..hihi

And our raya's theme is grey...memula nak warna belacannn...hihi..

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